09 January 2009

Creative Droughts and Floods...

So it's been awhile since we posted Feather. It's been a busy few months lately for us both, not to mention Christmas, New Year's etc. I've let my creative-ness fall by the way side. But last week I picked up a pencil and sketchbook and have barely put it down. I guess once the inspiration hits you its easy to roll with the flow. It might not turn into a masterpiece or something to hang on your wall, but it's fun and it reminds me of love of art, fashion and music.
I've also been on the net checking out sites devoted to clothing, graphic design and interior design. One site I've spent a particularly long time on is www.polyvore.com
I love a good collage, and this site gives you access to some of the greatest clothing, accessories and shoes. Not to mention all the pretty backgrounds and embellishments, so you can create a look that is totally you in the moment. Here are a couple of my creations..

New York Autumn
New York Autumn by erinp16

A Day in Paris
A Day in Paris by erinp16

Shopping in Winter
Shopping in Winter by erinp16

Zeph x