31 July 2008

Cool Internet Finds

Hi Feather, I have that urge to purchase things online again. It happens almost every week actually, usually on a Friday. So here are some items I've found online that I'm considering buying/might buy/wish I could buy...

"Clocky" Alarm clock from www.top3.com.au
Maybe this is one of those purchases that the novelty wears off pretty damn quick and you rue the day you ever bought the damn thing, but it could still be fun for a while. The dealio is this alarm clock gives you one chance to snooze, then he takes off and the only way to stop him is to physically get out of bed and catch him. The alarm sound is described as r2d2 crossed with cheeping birds. Wierd. Could be a cool gift for a brother or a mate.

Bumble & bumble spray de mode - www.meccacosmetica.com.au
The way this new product is described you'd think it's the best invention since sliced bread. And after watching the promo video with all the hipsters expressing their adoration I have to say I'm curious to see why all the fuss.

I'm currently watching back to back eps of Beverly Hills 90210, I'm half way thru season 2. Revisiting the fashions really isn't as scary as I thought. True, there are some horrors (bike pants anyone?) but there are also some looks that are being recycled today. Think body suits, brogues and wayfarers. My favorite look is the the men's shirts worn by the girls. Brenda even gets a stern word from her dad for stealing his work shirts.

I don't have a Mr Walsh to steal shirts from, so I may have to purchase this White Suede shirt dress from www.mintshop.com.au

xx Z

26 July 2008

Daisy Lowe never looked so good - modelling Armani in Tatler August 2008

Hey Zephyr! In London, if you're not careful, all you hear about is Daisy Lowe, Alexa Cheung, Pixie Geldoff (or however you spell their names) and their hi-jinx. It is soooo boring. I dread opening Tatler, the magazine that worships their asses. Since Daisy Lowe has become a model, in addition to just another Rock Offspring...... it is still dull.
But, I was blown away when I saw this image in the August issue of Tatler. She looks incredible! She never looks like this. It's a pity they promised the cover to The Dark Knight because this shot would have totally moved magazines.
Click here - Some Notes on Napkins has posted the other photos from the spread.
Also, I got this pic from J.Rabbit at bunny Bisous, it was one of the first on the net.

xx Feather

19 July 2008

The Edge of Love - How far will its fashion go? 40's era looks and styling from the 2008 movie starring Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley

Hey Zeph
I'm back, rosy cheeked and fresh after my first ever walk on beautiful Hampstead Heath this morning, which got me nostalgic for a discussion I've been meaning to join for ages - that of what they wear in The Edge of Love.

I feel we are not talking about a trend so much as something which has arrived and will find it very difficult to leave both our minds and our wardrobes. This look is here to stay as something of a fashionista staple, all year round here in the UK because the weather is so grey-ish (I visited Dylan Thomas' boathouse in January and it was romantically bleak) and every winter everywhere else.

The key components of sundress, long woollen socks, chunky cardigan, flat heeled boots and carefree cosiness are easy to come by (you'd have to miss the point to need key pieces and step-by-steps here) and so so snuggly. And if we cant be bothered and do throw on skinny jeans, a loose grey tee and a thin cardigan AGAIN, in those moments when we laugh with a girlfriend or smell a flower or squint at the sun coming out from behind the clouds, our thoughts will flicker to the looks in this film and we'll wish we made the effort.

x Feather

18 July 2008

Song of the week - Electric Feel, MGMT

I cannot get Electric Feel out of my head! But I love it!!


Trend hunch - Black + Gold

Yo Feather, just a quick post tonight. I've been meaning to tell you, I can't get enough of black & gold at the mo'.
I was wary at first. If not worn properly, this look can verge over into the 'too much money, not enough style' territory. Think overly tanned, rich women who carry yappy dogs around, have toy boys and more ex husbands than they've had hot dinners.

I think this works best when made up of edgy but simple seperates of mostly black, with some white or grey. Then add the touches of gold. But avoid the black - white - gold - repeat look for a "too done" look .
Combined influences of 70's rock star wife and classic form fitting shapes would be the perfect inspiration

xx Zeph

14 July 2008

Online shopping - Dresses, Bags & Shoes

I thought I'd focus on a website for each catergory. So I've come up with what I think is the best go-to site for each item.
First up - Dresses
http://www.asos.com/ has so much to look at. I think I just killed an hour an a half (and I'm mean't to be working -oops) trolling through page after page of just dresses on this site. You can search by size, type or even celeb look, Rachel Bilson, V Beckham etc.
Also when you click on a dress you can hit the "view on catwalk" button to see the model wearing that dress strut the catwalk. It really gives a better idea of the dress before you decide to buy.
Shoes - http://www.victoriassecret.com/

Victoria's Secret has some really hot shoes at the moment. Especially the collection by Colin Stuart. I'm really into black + gold at the moment. Especially black skinny jeans or a black mini dress with gold pumps, so I want the gold mary janes real bad. For bags and bargains, wwwforever21.com is where you need to go. So cheap. The only pricey bit for me is the postage. So I guess for as little as $5 for a clutch it would be worth your while to make the most of your purchase and stock up on multiple items.

So, that's it for now Feather, hope you have fun looking, or possibly buying.

x Zeph

P.S - I just found this site and I want to add it - they seem to specialise in Black tie/cocktail/race wear. They even have a bridal section.
It's an Australian site and they stock clothing and accessories from some cool designers like George Gross who I love because their clothes are great for petites.

The thing I love about this site, is the majority of the clothes are beautiful. Alot of sites have too much over-priced ugly or boring pieces. I honestly couldn't find much I didn't like. Check it out. http://www.madaboochoo.com.au/

07 July 2008

Oh, the Fashion Frustration. UK Harper's Bazaar Magazine July '08 - What's Right, What's Wrong

If you're wondering about the contents of this month's UK Harpers Bazaar magazine well, by not reading you do and you don't miss out. It is all over the place at the moment. Here are a few of the high- and low-lights:


First off the whole 'guest editor' thing is always really fun and they got artist-of-the-(neverending)mo' Richard Prince to do July! The cover (above) is more RP than HB, since many of his works feature a girl not wearing much leaning on something (a couch, a car, a deadbeat boyfriend) or they feature horses (with cowboys), and the fashion side is minimal (shit, basically). That said, the white horse won me over. Looking inside, the rest of the Prince stuff was almost non-existent except for a good feature article. I was looking with hope for this image on the right or for something new. I fear Prince's moment cannot last much longer.

Nextly, there was major hoopla about the shoot Ripple Effect, which was chosen for 'Buy from the shoot', only I didn't want to buy jack from the shoot, the shoot was completely lame. Boring model, flat hair, uninspiring fashion, and no chance for readers to engage. Swimsuits in the desert is a wooden concept that sent me back to fashion shoots of ten years ago - artists are wasting their talent with this stuff but I bet once they've flown to a random location and set up base for the session noone wants to say, "Actually, this doesn't look as good as I thought it would, and it deffo wont do for HB readers", do they?
HB told readers Ripple Effect was inspired by the Bond Girl in Thunderball, and they printed this cool photo of her in there too. CRAZY, I mean, why would you do that if the inspiration rocks and the result is dismal, late-nineties, fashion failure? Um, she's in a wetsuit, and possibly on a boat or very probably near water, and she's curvy and her hair is bouncy... I'm not saying they needed to replicate it but these are the inspiring factors!! grr

That said, there is an amazing shoot in this month's issue. Photographed by Alexei Hay and styled by Alison Edmond, The Day After Tomorrow is a futuristic set of images of a model with personality and some kind of beef (well, she looks pissed off), wearing body-con which I always love... and they gave her this really texturised blue-black hair. I couldn't get a pic but I had to tell you that spread is wicked - go to Borders and flick through the mag to check it out.

1. Newby Hands' 5 Steps to a Beach Body was a load of bollocks as these things often are but needn't be. She said wear suncream and fake tan and... 3 other useless things, what a waste of potential and space (a page per step!?!). It was listed on the cover though so I bet it brought in (soon-to-be-disappointed) readers - I certainly got an excitement false alarm.

2. Another mistake, Gossip Girl is apparently going down on the HB radar because they "just can't take style tips from such young kids, it's too Clueless" or something. As I mentioned in an earlier post, people are watching this show. Say the acting's bad, say Ed and Chace are gay, admit you wish you were young, but don't shoot yourself in the foot by bagging out the styling. We don't necessarily want to copy what they wear, but we love to watch them wear it, with a certain lifestyle in NYC as the backdrop. Sound similar to any other TV show we can't watch new episodes of anymore...?

AND WTF, eh?
Finally, because I wanted to say again that I think UK HB
is all over the place right now, and that it seems like Lucy Yeomans, Editor, has little visual sense and no idea fashion-wise at the moment (you may need to produced a themed issue at this stage Lucy, it's so far gone), here is an image from a story on florals on HB.Co.UK (styled by Belinda White) which is confusing and makes me want to throw up:
I hope my faith is restored next month, with some kind of tight, enlightened issue. And, mental note: don't look at HB.co.uk for now.
xx Feather

04 July 2008

RAFW Spring/Summer 08...My favorite looks

Marnie Skillings

Mad Cortes.
I love the loose beige top over the patterned under shirt. And the belt, the shoes and the fit of the pants!

Hotel Bondi - Swim

This collection evoked images of studio 54 with models wearing gold boots and headpieces. Other pieces were very feminine with a cowgirl twist.

Alex Perry
Alex Perry's collection was beautiful and varied. Ranging from thigh high pieces in bold zebra or leopard print with floral detailing to fairy princess gowns . The dresses in all white let the shapes speak for themselves.

Zephyr x

What's your favourite Elvis era?

Hey Zeph,
Just quickly: Today I was on my way home from work listening to Paul Simon's
Graceland (the lyrics of which I will most definitely post one day on F&Z) and in a crazy-good mood because it's Friday, when I started smiling remembering that you love 70s Elvis.
I thought I'd post my favourite Elvis image of all time, the one that represents for me the era of Elvis's career that I love the most, and you could do the same.

Of course, I also love this image because its a Warhol and so has that whole pop-culture art scene thing about it. I have it postcard size on the inside of my closet.
So, what's your favourite Elvis pic? I want the one that pulls the heart strings for you above all others. I probably don't need to remind you of this but it was you that somehow got me onto Elvis in the first place. And now I think of our joint obsession everytime I hear Paul Simon sing my favourite line: "For reasons I cannot explain there's some part of me wants to see Graceland"
xx F

Oh Feather, you've opened the floodgates with Elvis. I really don't know which particular image I like the most. You know, I do love the 70's Elvis with the jumpsuits, the side burns and those glasses. But that era is also touched with a bit sadness. His time was coming to an end and the drugs were taking their toll. For my money, Elvis was at his best at the '68 comeback Special. He had broken free of The Colonel and this was Elvis in his own right. Wearing black leather on the simple stage surrounded by a handful of fans. That night was pure Elvis. He is funny, flirty and charsmatic.

What you get is a raw, honest performance. My favorite moment though comes at the end. Changing out of his leathers and into a white suit with a crimson neck tie, he stands in front of his name in neon lights. 'If I can Dream' is my all time favorite Elvis song, and for me, watching him sing it on that night in 1968 never loses it's power.

Watch the clip here..

03 July 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen at the NY premiere of The Wackness

Hey Zephyr!
Just wanted to get your thoughts on what Mary-Kate Olsen wore for the NY premiere of The Wackness (a film I predict we will love even if noone else does) on Wednesday night.

At first, I thought she was Ashley. And after that I was so disappointed (hate the shoes, hate the belt, and doesn't only Ashley wear that colour and that neckline??). And after that I fell in love with it - Apparently the screening was followed by a party on the rooftop of The Gramercy, but MK obviously doesn't need to wear a frilly frock to have a good time. Respect.
What do you think?
xx Feather

Hi F,
This is what I thought when I saw the picture - Hate it. Then...love it! Then hate it, love it hate it and so on so forth. After ten minutes or so of doing this I have decided I don't like it. I think it was the shoes that tipped me over the edge.
In general it isn't such a bad look, I just feel like she isn't bringing anything new to the table. I didn't feel refreshed or inspired like I often do when seeing MK in a new outfit.
Aside from that I am very much looking forward to seeing The Wackness.

x Zeph

Hi Zeph,
Yer, where is her kookyness? Where has it gone? Is it in the shoes? Because it's not in that wide belt, and it's not in the colours she chose. An all black outfit would have been boring too but at least it would have had some edge. I think what we have here is MK trying to be conservative in case she scares potential movie viewers away, and it went all wrong. Either that or (hopefully) she's just relaxed and ready to chill on that rooftop.
xx F

02 July 2008

Hotel Dreaming..

So, I've finally booked my holiday Feather. Fiji is out, Vanuatu is in. I can't wait! But unfortunately I have to - until November. In the meantime I've been checking some truly amazing hotels around the world. I love hotels. The crisp linen, the room service breakfast and a whole different scene outside your bedroom window. I even get a kick out of staying at the simplest of Highway motels, I'm a sucker for that small town America vibe. Cheap coffee, diners etc. I think it's that sense adventure and romance. But, given the choice one of the following five hotels would be divine. I found it hard to narrow these down, especially once I started researching. By no means are they the most glamourous or expensive hotels in the world. I made my choices on comfort factor, fab design and location.

1. Bastide Saint Mathieu. Grasse, France

Lounge by the pool or wander the gardens among the olive and fruit trees. Breathe in the fragrant mixture of lavender, oleander and bouganvillia. Retire to your room and drape yourself in a Ralph Lauren robe or cuddle into a cashmere blanket. Enjoy a croissant with home made jam in the traditional stone breakfast room. Yes please.

2. Amangani. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
The mountain and valley views from the balconies alone are enough to get me excited about this hotel. Amangani, meaning "peaceful home", opened in 1998 and is less than 100km from Yellowstone National Park.
Apart from the awesome location amongst the cliffs and grazing land, the resort features a spa and health centre, a restaurant and a bar. There are 29 rooms, with details including a fire place, cowide chairs in faux wolf fabric and a soaking tub. The deluxe Suite boasts wraparound porches to make the most of the surrounds.

3. Condesa. Mexico City, Central Mexico

Condesa is described as simple and relaxed, yet at the same time it oozes contemporarey and cool. Special touches in the rooms such as high ceilings and maple headboards are designed to create an oasis for guests. On the roof top you'll find a sushi bar, spa and fitness room.
The bar with turquoise coloured walls looks perfect for people watching and sipping a mojito or two.

4. Hotel Bel-Air. Bevelerly Hills, Los Angeles

There was always going to be a Los Angeles hotel in here, being my favorite city in the world. The city has many well known hotels to
choose from, all steeped in movie, music and art world history. The Chateau Marmont, Hyatt on Sunset and of course The Bevely Hills Hotel. I decided to put one in here that's name doesn't get thrown around quite as often. Perhaps this only adds to the allure that draws in A-listers providing them with absolute privacy, while still only being a stone throw away from Rodeo Drive.

Hotel Bel-Air is surrounded by lush gardens, rich in bright green foliage, flowers in a rainbow of colours and a stone bridge over a quaint brook.

Luxury is not forgotten in the guest rooms with italian linen and private garden entrances.

Even if it's a just a stop in for brunch this hotel is next on my list of places to visit next time I return to lovely Los Angeles.

5. InterContinental Thalasso-Spa. Bora Bora

I think these pictures speak for themselves. Given that it's only reaching a top temperature of 13 degrees here today, this resort really does look like heaven to me.
With a backdrop of bluer than blue ocean, and majestic mountains, the details of the rooms are just the icing on the cake.
I'm not the sporty type, when it comes to beach holidays I'm happy on the sand or leisurely wading into the waves. It's really albout showcasing the new bikini right? But there is plenty to do here. Snorkelling, boating and the like.

Then there is the spa and health centre. "Thalasso-Spa center offers treatments using deep sea water to replenish the body’s minerals and restore equilibrium."

Yep sounds good.

x Zephyr