30 September 2008

YSL Tribute Sandal

I cannot stop thinking about this shoe.
I want a pair really bad to take on my holiday to Vanuatu in a month.
They come in several colours but I want this red pair.

You like Feather?

You can check out the rest of the collection at ysl.com

Hi Zeph

You should get those shoes!! They are awesome. What place they have in Vanuatu I'm not sure, but somehow I do see them in a tropical environment. With some kind of maxi dress.... You should get them!


26 September 2008

Style.com avatars??? weird.... and not stylish.

Hi Z
Avatar is nerd-speak for online cartoon versions of people.
Avatars are so not cool it makes me cringe, I can hardly say the word without gagging - it brings up images of lonely den-dwellers who prefer to keep online personalities rather than socialise properly, and that is just so sad and well, gross. Yet they are popular, which must be why Style.com has introduced them - the website now has cartoon versions of a few famous people who then blog with voice over by way of a leisurely phonecall.
Above is a pic of the Margherita Missoni avatar which as you can see looks nothing like her, and you can watch/listen to her (it?) here. Although Style.com can do no wrong, it is odd and boring and the one thing that would have spiced it up would have been a video, a real photo of the person or even better - a slideshow of backstage/runway pics.
xx F

P.S Where the bleep is GOOP? They said Thursday, and everywhere in the world has already had Thursday. Do you think when they said Thursday they meant Friday? Or even Saturday? Do you think Gwyneth is suffering from performance anxiety? She needn't worry, everyone's looking forward to it.

Yep totally agree with you Feather, Avatars are not cool or fun. They remind me of Bratz dolls for grown ups. Not stylish.

Ah GOOP. Good name choice. Nourish the inner aspect. How...very. I don't know what the deal is, but I'm not really looking forward to seeing what pearls of wisdom Paltrow has to share anyway.

20 September 2008

Identical Interiors

So. Freaky. You know what I did today Z?
I went to the Portabello Rd markets in Notting Hill looking for bric-a-brac because I'm slowly (on a tight budget) transforming the tiny central London apartment that is my current home.
I think we have been having identical thoughts of late - all I have been thinking about is interiors!

What got me started was that I changed the bookshelves in the loungeroom, following the seemingly obvious advice of Oprah's (gay, unfortunately) hot designer Nate. They now look amazing somehow, he is nothing short of genius.
Today I found an assortment of white pottery and some frames which are going to transform my bedroom. Incredibly, no item was more than £1. I need to update the energy in there and the perfect items just kept appearing!

So anyway, in all the inspo searching I did I came across this quiz at The Inspired Room, which I think you will love (TIR found it at the cool blog This is Glamourous). It's a photo-based style thing, do it, its so fun.

Here is my result:


When it comes to decorating and furnishing your home, no one would ever accuse you of purism and restraint. Your home's a shrine to all things glamorous. You're a real glamour puss, never happier than when an opportunity crops up to add another flourish of theatrical pizzazz to your home. We're not saying you're a drama queen, really...!

That new apartment block in NYC is TOTALLY awesome. However, I am a firstly a refurbished brownstone devotee, secondly a Park Avenue girl, and thirdly the sprawling ranch type, so it must be placed fourth.

Hey Feather,
Thanks for the link to the quiz! I love a good quiz - especially design related. I've also spent the last hour designing rooms using the site's 3D layout tool. I get totally addicted to this kind of stuff!

Here's the result of my quiz:

Style Guru

You are something of a beady magpie, gleaning ideas, inspiration and objects from the unlikeliest of places. This is really beginning to synthesise into something mistakably 'you'. And only you know what hits and misses the mark, even if you can't always vocalise the how, what and why. You've got got your own set of unique guidelines and nothing can persuade you otherwise. Trouble is, it takes awhile getting things done when you insist on doing them yourself.

Also, still in theme with your top threes, my top three dream homes would be, a A Spanish style mansion in the Hollywood Hills, a bungalow in Laurel Canyon or an English cottage set on a lush garden.


New kid on the block

Hi Feather,
I really can't get enough of cool interiors and spaces at the moment. I'm constantly blown away by the visions of interior designers and architects.
New York City is a city I haven't had the chance to visit..yet, but it's a city that always reminds me of you Feather. So I wanted to show you this place. not sure how you'll feel about it. I haven't really decided myself.
Five Franklin Place, is a 55 unit residential apartment block set be part of the Manhattan skyline in 2009.Located in Tribeca in what used to be called Sugar Loaf Alley (nice name eh?) this 20 story apartment building was designed by Dutch architect Ben van Berkel. And it seems everything has been considered. Colours used in the lower residences differ to those in the middle and then again to ones up the top. This is due to the different amount of daylight each one gets. The black aluminium bands that wrap around the building mirror the surroundings, deflect the sun and serve as balconies. At the same time maximizing privacy and views.
Ranging between $2 million and $16 million the complex also includes a spa and fitness centre. Not to mention the so trendy it hurts lobby. These units are sure to be inhabited by hip young couples with babies named Maeve and Ansel.
For all the sleekness and top of the range fit outs though, it's the rooftop terraces I'm enamoured with.

How's the serenity?
You can check out the website here.


18 September 2008

The look of...Carrie

Hi there Feather,
This morning I felt like looking at the back catalogue of Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe. So just for fun and a stroll down memory lane here a few of my faves...

Zeph x

Hey Zeph!
So good to visit F&Z and see these. I screamed when I saw the second one it is one of my absolute favourites too, partly because she's in Paris but mostly because of the gloves. You can't see them in that pic but I have been obsessed with cable-knit mittens since that episode aired.
In that last pic she's drops in on Adrian's guys' night and he's all alone and flirting with a bartender, its one of the saddest SATC moments for me (but she looked amazing).

15 September 2008

Is it a BANKSY???? Street art Vs Hirst at Sotheby's

Banksy, Keep It Spotless (2007)

A dodgy looking piece of street art has sprung up opposite Sotheby's London. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Damien Hirst is showing works at Sotheby's on New Bond Street which will be auctioned off starting this evening. The sale marks the first time an artist has bypassed his galleries and dealers to go straight to auction and take a complete pay-check. Hirst apparently had a falling out with Charles Saatchi a while ago - could that have sparked his interest in going it alone? Most likely it was money, as the minimum total sale estimate is £65,000,000.

On Friday night Sotheby's hosted a party to celebrate the event, at which Lily Allen performed and Mark Ronson was DJ, and where a fight apparently broke out on the dancefloor with an administrator smashing a glass over a fellow party-goer's poor head. Gees, throw the right shapes at Sotheby's I guess, or you're not on the list anymore.

On Saturday night the galleries were open until midnight, to add to the hype and to allow clients last minute checks as to whether the art will go with the sofa.

Sotheby's staff arrived back at work this morning to find an image in the style of Banksy of Zebras wearing scuba-diving masks, pondering the whereabouts of both Hirst and Charlie. But the work was not completed directly on the wall, rather it's stuck on like bad cut-out nursery decor. It's not very funny, clever or comprehensible really and the artist hasn't claimed it with a signature. Banksy has had a go at Hirst before, as you can see by the image above, but did he do this one? I'd expect a bigger, better F-off than that from the real renegade visual-loudmouth, but any F-off will do for now.
I'll try to get a pic soon.


14 September 2008

New Beverly Hills 90210!!

Ok Z
The first 3 episodes of the new 90210 are on YouTube.
I'll post the links for Episode 1 right here on F&Z.
The writing's not bad, it's less cheesy than Gossip Girl, but less funny and not tongue-in-cheek at all. Amazingly they manage to cram heaps of backstory into the first 4 minutes of dialogue without making it too painfully obvious. Some parts are really lame, like the high-school drug trade scene (cringe) and the Disney-High-School-Musical scene (wtf??) and the theme song has no... grab.
I like the young, hip teacher character though - he's got kind of a Ryan Gosling thing going on. And the Lead Bitch has awesome curly hair, but so far the fashion is boring (lots of A. Apparel) and they miss the 'cool' mark they're aiming for. So, it's bad and of course I love it.
Enjoy! And tell me if you think you'll be watching.

Episode 1, Part 1/5

Episode 1, Part 2/5

Episode 1, Part 3/5

Episode 1, Part 4/5

Episode 1, Part 5/5


Hey Feather,
So the first episode hit Australia last week and episode two airs tonight. I'll definitely be watching for sure. I was so worried I'd be disappointed in the new 90210. It was my staple TV show growing up, yours too Feather. We'd discuss the previous nights show at school with such passion.
But thankfully, I really liked episode one. I actually squealed when Brenda made her appearance.
You're right though, the fashion was a bit of a let down. Too much emphasis on hipster and trying to be edgy. I know I was always inspired by 90210 to follow their fashion lead, not so this time around.
The other thing I want to say is, are some of them too skinny?? I know times have changed, but it's bordering on being disgusting. I hate to be a drag, but if this 90210 is as influential as the old one was, then I'd hate to think girls feel they have to be that thin. That's all I'm saying.


Hey Z
Yer Silver is too skinny!

12 September 2008

Revealed: America Ferrera probably watches lots of Gossip Girl in her spare time

America Fererra opened her mouth about tv shows again! And it wasn't pretty, again.
She said Gossip Girl and other shows 'condition us to be mean'.
Hmmmm is that why she was so mean to Blake Lively right where she knew people would see it? That seems to be the only explanation - she can't possibly be against a show just as fluffy as her own. Or maybe she's 12 and gets mean off tv?
Hate on the Hills America, but not on Gossip Girl, it's meant to be like it is.

10 September 2008

Spring is in the air!

Hey Feather, it's officially feeling like spring here in Australia. And you know what that means? Time to update the wardrobe. I have money to burn in my wallet and a huge new mall has opened up just down the road. I felt some sort of plan was in order before I just barged in there not knowing what I planned to buy.

So I took a look at the Spring 09 ready to wear to collections for inspiration.
From crisp classic lines to floral & playful sporty looks there is plenty here to give me ideas. And let's not forget, spring isn't all about walks in the park and smelling roses. Rock & Republic remind us of balmy spring nights and shorter than short hemlines.

Narciso Rodriguez

Miss Sixty


Rock & Republic


09 September 2008

Posh does the crop

Hey Feath, remember awhile ago we talked about the history of the short hair do. Well, Posh has just gone ultra short and I think she looks so amazing. I also prefer her as a brunette, no blonde high lights, just straight up chocolate brown. This, in my opinion is how it's done.

What do you think?


Hi Zephyr

Yer she looks great, the old one was getting really old and noone has had the guts to go this short in a while. She can rarely do wrong by me no matter what she tries.


Feast! Winona, Christina and Nicole together

Feast your eyes on this:
How weird/awesome is this photo? I didn't know where to look first. Why are these women we Google separately all in one spot? Fashion - they are at the DKNY show in New York.

Feather, you hit the jackpot. Cool photo. Winona always reminds me of you and Christina of me, and Nicole of both of us so thats another reason this photo is bizarre.
A rare sighting, probably never to be seen together again.


Eww! Julianne Moore Looks All Wrong Again

Hey Zephyr
I wasn't sure if I should post this picture because it's so ugly (and who wants to see ugly?) but anyway, here it is. I can't stand Julianne Moore and I guess I've been waiting for an image like this so I could illustrate my feelings. The thing I do like about her is she seems to be really smart and women with brains are sexy. But unfortunately, I don't care what French Vogue do to her, she just doesn't have any style and it always shows. I think we can safely assume she dressed herself here.

This woman is not 'sexy', 'beautiful', 'stunning', she's a max-5 who dresses way too young for her age and has teeth like she eats people. Ok, that's harsh because she's a talented actress and can look good, but she is never 'amazing' to me - she always seems to look all wrong. Yuk!
xx F

Hey Feather, You know, I like her. She is one of those women who is so imperfect but those imperfections can work for her in certain shots. In reality she looks like this :

and the photo you posted, yeah quite hideous. In Boogie Nights she looks amazing, but then the scenes where she cries, well that's just plain ugly. But I do like her in photo shoots for Vogue and Harpers etc. I really liked the Harpers May 08 shoot, where the poses are inspired by famous portaits of women from the 19th and 20th centuries.


07 September 2008

Have you seen Charice Pempengco?

Have you seen this tiny wiz-kid on Oprah and on Ellen? She just stands there and projects Whitney Houston out her lungs! How come people from The Philippines are always so musically gifted?
P.S Actually, while we are in the Oprah files, check out this video of Tom Cruise's biggest fan haha!

06 September 2008

Sex on fire, new Kings of Leon

I love this song. Kings of Leon only get better and better.
Check out the clip here
The new album Only by the Night is due out late September


Online shopping sites - finds of the week

Hey Feather,
You know, I really miss our shopping trips. I actually love shopping by myself, but you are the only one who really knows my style and what will suit me. Anyway, lately I haven't even felt like shopping or even window shopping, until tonight. So since I can't physically show you things I want to buy or wish I could buy, here are some items I've found online this week.

First up from www.mywardrobe.com
A Tara Jarmon Dress, Terry de Havilland heels and a black leather link bracelet by CC Skye.

Next, www.brownsfashion.com
Chloe sweater, Balenciega wide leg pants and Christian Louboutin No Barre Shoes

And finally from www.eluxury.com
D&G Dolce & GabbanaTote, Emilio Pucci Dress and Dior pumps.

Thats my window shopping fix out of the way. I don't have to battle the crowds tomorrow. I think I'll stay home and read instead.
X Zephyr

05 September 2008

Trend Hunch: Sheer Clothing. Lindsay, Cheryl or Katie?

Hey Zeph
I don't really need to describe this one, suffice to say that lately I randomly find myself more and more desirous of a sheer cardigan, a sheer sweater and a sheer scarf, and 'round here feelings like that are what we call another 'trend hunch'.
I don't however want to look like Miss April in a late nineties Playboy calendar and it's so easy to mistake see-through for sheer and look slutty instead of edgy. So, everybody should repeat, mantra-style: see-through is not sheer. see-through is not sheer. see-through is not sheer. She sells seashells... wait... what?
Anyway, anything not too tight, that makes an outfit look warm and cosy will work. That's right, I'm loving sheer as a Winter trend and nothing more, and as we all know showing skin in winter is embarrasing, so that should help.
Here are some pics for you - three beautiful women wear sheer, only one gets it right. Can you guess who?

Ok it was a trick, not really any of them. But Katie Holmes is almost there, I would kill for that sweater right now, I just wouldn't be branding my bra through it.


P.S Katie, what's your address... I'll lend you a superthin-strapped tank?

Hey Feather,
We may live oceans apart these days, but we are definately still on the same wave length. I too am totally loving the sheer look. I'm glad you covered the sheer does not equal see - through thing. So true. And I have to agree, Katie Holmes is the only one on target here.

x Zeph.

Spotted: Les Beckhams rep

Saw Posh Spice's sister outside the Bond St entrance of Sotheby's London today - could Les Beckhams be planning to snap up some Damien Hirst?

03 September 2008

Does Art = Money? Prepare yourselves, Damien Hirst is back at Sotheby's London

Spotted again and again: Damien Hirst outside Sotheby's St. George St entrance looking waaay too much like his mate Bono.

Hey Zephyr!
Here's a joke for you...
Q: What's the difference between Bono and God?
A: God doesn't walk around pretending to be Bono.
hee hee!

And here's my reworked version of that joke...
Q: What's the difference between Damien Hirst and Bono?
A: Bono doesn't walk around trying to be Damien Hirst.
ha ha!

It's just a day or so until Sotheby's here in London opens its doors and lets visitors in to see the Beautiful Inside My Head Forever exhibition of works by Damien Hirst that will be sold by auction on September 15 & 16, 2008.

The Sept/Oct 2008 Sotheby's Preview magazine comes with a supplement (it looks like a mini version of the mag) advertising the Hirst sale rather shamelessly under the thin guise of talking about the use of gold and diamonds in some of his new works. Hirst is quoted in the supplement saying "I love how Warhol used 'diamond dust' that was just crushed glass..." Of course you do, Damien, of course you do. What else do you love about Warhol, oh his entire career...really?
Anyway, I shouldn't really quote him because he's just a different - articulate - person in print and we might get something wrong...

Preview is also 'reporting' - as so many media outlets often do - that Hirst is going to stop making some of his signature-style works, specifically the spin and butterfly paintings. Yer right. The publicity generated by saying so then not doing so is the only certainty here - it's kept Hirst in his circa-2001 Prada shades thus far.

People of London: Go to Sotheby's September 5-14, it's FREE, it's the closest many of you will get to this art before it is snapped up for the collections of the rich and famous, and you will witness art history - or is that art-market history? - in the making.

Sotheby's is not just for the snooty, even though they dominate the halls. Some of the works look so amazing in person, especially the 'stained glass windows' made of luminous (Preview copy and slimey Sotheby's experts' word) butterfly wings. Anyway, no visitor will be dissapointed. Some of the pieces (as in the case of the zebra-in-a-tank) I found expensive and sad, like me. Hirst is definitely striking certain chords.

xx F

02 September 2008

Look of the Week.

Hey Feather,
I've picked out my favorite look for the week, and it'sEva Mendes in Sydey at the 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty Luanch.
I really like Eva, she always looks amazing. She has a killer toned legs and that incredible brown skin. I've read an interview where she says she excercies heaps so she can still eat the food likes, hence the non-waif but totally fit result. It seems I am often admiring her outfit choices and this one is no different.

Here she is wearing a John Rocha dress. But it's the shoes I adore. i'm desperate to find a similar pair before I head off on my holiday in November. The Cobweb cuff is cool too.

So what's your fave look of the week Feather?

Hey Zeph
Yer Eva Mendes is cool and always looks great, but I don't get her... is she va-va-voom or is she down-to-earth or what, what's her 'thing'? Maybe she's just happy to be a regular person, so she doesn't act out a personality for the general public to cling to - against the wishes of her PR team, if so.
Also, don't you already have those shoes? I swear you do, but they are lovely.
So when you asked me my favourite look of the week I thought oh no, do I be honest or do I be cool? Of course I'm going to be honest, it is only for the week after all...
It's Reese Witherspoon, in Brazil to speak out against Domentic Violence for the UN Development Fund for Women. I love the shoes, the dress is an oldie but one that's still going strong on the high street and I love navy-blue, and she looks amazing - better than I've seen her in a while.
Here are some pics from JustJared.com:

xx F