30 August 2008

Amazingly Quick Homemade Treats: 2 chocolate recipes!

Hey Zephyr
As you showed me a choc-PB cake recently, I thought you would enjoy these for when you need a quick baking fix. Amazing, amazing, amazing - the hot chocolate pudding takes 3 mins, seriously, and the cookies never see the inside of the oven!

This recipe is going around by email but with ugly pictures, so I am retyping it and showing you my midnight snack from a week ago. I had it plain with a glass of milk and it was yummy but with a scoop of vanilla icecream and Hershey's chocolate syrup added just before serving, it would be perfection.

Your favourite coffee mug, empty
4 tablespoons plain flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons good quality cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
choc-chips, craisins, m&ms or other optional extras

Mix all dry ingredients in the coffee mug.
Crack in the egg and mix properly so there is no dry flour left in the mug at all.
Pour in the milk and oil (2 tblspoons oil is ok).
Microwave on high for 3 mins - it will rise - then let set but enjoy while still warm.

NO BaKe oAtmeAl Choc/Peanut/Butter cooKies
Um, cookies are the yummiest, funnest, most special thing in the world - you can eat them when you're happy, you can eat them when you're sad. My favourites are Pepperidge Farm soft-bake oatmeal-craisin, but for making your own no-bake cookies are brilliant too. I just made a batch of these - some genius posted them at Recipezaar.com. They are currently cooling because they need to set. I guarantee you will not be able to wait - you will be eating the mixture with a spoon.

1/2 cup milk
1 cup sugar (I halved this from 2 cups! Crazy Americans)
3 tablespoons butter (organic sets best)
3 tablespoons cocoa
3 cups quick-oats
1/2 cup or two huge scoops of PB (can be organic no added sugar)

In a medium sized pan, SLOWLY bring to the boil the first 4 ingredients, to dissolve sugar.
Bring to a fast boil then let boil for at least one minute - this is essential.
Take off the heat, stir in PB.
Stir through the oats thoroughly.
Drop out onto baking sheets, press slightly.
Put in fridge to set (but eat at room temp) or just let cool (be cool)

xx Feather

If you feel guilty eating treats, you can get cardio by jumping around in excitement before you eat them and dancing in celebration with them in your hand, you know like Eddie Murphy with ice-cream. haha!

27 August 2008

Shannen & Jennie...or Brenda & Kelly

Oh the anticipation! I love this photo from the Entertainment Weekly photo spread. That dress Shannen is wearing is the shiz. You can the read the interview and check out the behind the scenes of the photo shoot here.

Hey Z
Woohoo! They look incredible in this pic and the others, and in that video - so mature and zen. I love when Jennie/Kelly talks about being a teen star and says 'I'm glad I'm doing older roles, I wouldn't want to go through all that again' - it makes me picture those Gossip Girl stars who keep wearing tops as dresses on the red carpet, with disastrous results (a future post may have to illustrate this for me). Anyway, thanks!
xx F

25 August 2008

If You Wanna Be Somebody, If You Wanna Go Somewhere, You Better Wake Up And Pay Attention

Hey Zeph
I thought I'd post this photo because it's hard times for me at the moment, so maybe it's hard times for others too. And sometimes inspiration doesn't come from the uber-cool.
I don't know if you remember but a while ago at a point where I was feeling really down I sent you a text saying "Can you tell me something funny?" and you texted me back straight away, " Whoopi Goldberg". haha! It cheered me up and kept me from disappearing too far into my head. So, here's a photo of Whoopi and some links to Sister Act 2 on YouTube... It was such a corny movie and so religious, but it was also really positive and Whoopi is hilarious! Definitely an inspiration to try to have fun and be somebody at the same time.

'If you wanna be somebody...'
'I just been thinking about things...'
'I got the flo.... ho ho'
'Oh happy day'

xx Feather

Hi Feather...
I was feeling a little down today too, I guess we all get like that. Whoopi must have some kind magic healing powers, because the moment I saw that photo I instantly brightened up. And the words to that song - while so corny, still so inspiring.
You're right, inspiration doesn't come from the uber-cool. I think all they inspire in people is the desire to shop and to be someone they aren't.
The best you can be is totally yourself and nothing more.

Thanks for the pick me up Feather, I hope you have a happy day. xx Z

21 August 2008

Rumer does it

Feather, Rumer Willis attended the House Bunny Premier recently. I think this is by far the best she has ever looked. Her body looks amazing and her face, while still not a classic beauty is really dare I say it - hot!
I think she is growing into her looks and maturity will suit her.
What do you think?

This is by far the best she has looked. But i'm so sick of the strapless dresses. They aren't the empitemy of femininity she seems to think they are - and she wears them way too much, it's embarrassing.
I love how someone must have at some stage said to Rumer very gently 'Um, you have a long-ish face so you need to cut your hair short' hahaha awkward! But yer, I think she definitely has a beauty about her in this photo.

Again with the 90210

Hey Feather, here's the cover of Nylon magazine featuring the girls of the new 90210.
I don't know, I'm not excited when I look at this. Simple as the explanation might be... I think it's because they are all brunettes. Or maybe I'm getting old and all the young beautiful people look the same to me.
I just don't want the new version to be a disappointment because the main characters lack..character. I know it will be cool because it's new and modern and it's 90210 for the new generation. I just hope they have the goods to back it up beyond their looks.

Hey Zeph,
Well, I really love it. It definitely gets me excited for 90210 and I love the clothes - except the giant pearl necklace. Anyway, what's wrong with brunettes?? I think it's great not to have a blonde lead for a change. I'm sure they'll introduce one soon enough. Meanwhile, these three hair tones aren't too similar.

Things to do on a rainy day

So Feather, here's something to do that's kind of fun. It's creative and free unless you decide to actually buy. Go to www.zazzle.com to design your own Keds. You can use your own images or choose from colors and patterns already set up.
Here's mine. It's an ode to Rock...

You can design a whole range of things on this site - bags, mugs etc. and then even go on to sell them. Checking out other people's creations is fun too.

x Zephyr

20 August 2008

19 August 2008

Shannen Doherty comes back from the past, brings cut-off denim with her

Hey Zeph,
We both have a soft spot for Shannen Doherty a.k.a Brenda, and we are excited, to say the least, about Beverly Hills 90210 (2.0).

So I thought I'd get your opinion on the outfit she rocked at Green Door last night.
I think she looks awesome, she brings those denim shorts up to date in a way that Mariah Carey could never do. What you think?
xx F

Feather... you have made my day by posting this picture. Shannon Doherty was always the rebel, the bad girl, the girl you love to hate. She never wore anything outrageous or quirky, but she always looked tough yet stylin'. And the biker boots she use to wear constantly? Shit hot.
So in this latest photo, I think she looks great. Again, nothing over the top - she never was a fashion victim or a sucker for trends. It's just straight up Shannon '08. Love it.


18 August 2008

Short hair - it's back again

The short hair style is one that comes and goes. In every generation there are the few brave girls who lop off all their hair, becoming trendsetters to the rest. Twiggy, Mia Farrow, Winona, Rihanna etc etc.
Admirers follow suit, while the rest of us give credit where credit is due, but choose not to go the chop. I have in the past myself seen photos of say, Drew Barrymore and rushed to the hair salaon, clutching a torn out photo and had all my cut off. And while short hair appears to be making it's come back again in 2008, I will resist the temptation. It's worked occassionally for me in the past, but now that my hair is the longest it's ever been I wouldn't do it again in a hurry. While the pixie cut is liberating etc, I love the feminine feeling of my long (ish) hair.
I won't post photos of the times the cut hasn't worked because I think would be mean, but I do tip my hat to those who have braved the look.
Here are some photos, past and present of celebs who have rocked the short hair look.


Yo Zeph
That's one dangerous post! You know what girls do when they're not feeling 100% and they come across awesome pictures like these. But like you say, it wouldn't be worth it to chop off longish, feminine feeling hair - it's always in style. Makes me want to do something though.....

BOOKS: The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, Left Bank, Everyone Worth Knowing

Read it, just to remember yourself for a night.
Hey Zeph!
Been meaning to tell you about The Private Lives of Pippa Lee by Rebecca Miller for ages.
It is a strange book, not quite chick-lit, not quite quality fiction. But it must have had a hold on me because I read it in a night, and that doesn't happen too often - the last time I did that was for The Life of Pi. The premise of the book - well, all one needs to know - is that Pippa Lee once was a strange girl, an experimental girl, and now she is a grown woman, a mother, and a wife. She adapts, like any smart woman, and it's to her credit that she pulled off normality as if she isn't dying inside. She did that so well in fact that when she and everything falls apart, she kinda didn't see it coming.
There were various infedelities and sexual experimentations I couldn't relate to in the book, and there were other indiscretions that I could. There's a part of me and you, Zeph , and probably heaps of girls that stumble upon this blog, that is all Pippa Lee. It's not amazing but it's an easy book, and I say read it, just to remember yourself for a night.
This book is being turned into a movie starring Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves! Yep - that's where they were when you sent me that excited email along the lines of 'my prayers have been answered and my opinions validated' (or similar!) with news of their rumoured dating. And, I just found out today, Blake Lively the star of gossip girl and voodoo-doll muse for America Ferrera (haha I just can't let that go) is going to play the young Pippa Lee! The rest of the cast includes Alan Arkin, Robin Wright Penn, Juliane Moore, Monica Belucci and more and the director is the author herself... this may very well be my most anticipated movie of 2009.

Complete trash, throw it straight in the garbage. Left me wanting more France.

And two more books I have just recently finished are Everyone Worth Knowing by the author of The Devil Wears Prada, and Left Bank by Kate Muir. The first came free with Red, which is a magazine with a demographic readership that is waaay older than me, and thankfully way sadder than me, so really I had no place reading this book. But I did buy the magazine and I did read the book, which is a completely ridiculous story about a boring girl who gets a glamourous job.
Once I had started I felt bad if I just stopped (which I dreamt about doing everytime I opened it and read a line) so I somehow managed to finish it. This book is complete drivel. There is not a clever, funny or unpredictable moment in all its print, and the fact that the main character is addicted to romance novels
(the main character has no brain or style and therefore is embarrasingly into romance crap) is not even cute, because the book is shamelessley a bad copy of the genre! The book, which I refuse to name again but is obviously pictured above, is complete trash, so if you get it free with Red throw it straight in the garbage. I was not brave enough to do that yet but I will, I just wanted to share with you these wierd quotes by the author from her Acknowledgements first...
'[My agent] handles the logistical details of my career so I'm free to write the important literature of our time' and 'A huge thanks to my parents and sister... I could never have written such a masterpiece without you'
What a freak, the book is totally, unironically shit so her humour just dies. It's as if she knows it - she doesn't even have faith in her own creation. Ok I'm tossing it now.

Afterwards, I plucked Left Bank off the library shelf. I needed a book that would do the job the above book failed to do. Left Bank completely rescued me with its borderline chick-lit up to date name-the-restaurant-designer-and-event detail but at the same time it was mercifully dark, interesting and strange, and it left me wanting more of France. It is about a dysfunctional family made up of celebrity parents and a semi-cool nanny. It has a stupid ending but is satisfying nonetheless, especially for a light read. Girls learning French or dreaming of Paris, you will enjoy this, I promise.


Hey Feather, thanks for the book reviews. I've been looking for a new book to read. I just read the OJ Simpson book, If I did it. I know, a bit dark/wierd, but I have a thing for celeb crimes.
I'll definately be getting a copy of The Private Lives of Pippa Lee and also Left Bank. And I'll be sure to give that other crapola a miss.


16 August 2008

Jewel married a cowboy!

People is reporting that Jewel eloped with her cowboy boyfriend who has a hot cowboy name: Ty Murray. They had a secret beach wedding and this is the one photo doing the rounds.

So romantic!
Congratulations Jewel - Zephyr and I, we love cowboys too.

x Feather

15 August 2008

90210 promo videos!!!

Hey Zeph
I showed you this, now check out this!
Wonder if America Ferrera would pull those faces again if she saw them.

Hi Feather, I saw the promo vid with Brenda and Kelly in it when I was at work today and I literally squealed with delight. As you know I'm currently watching the entire series back to back and it brings back so many memories. I just watched the Color me Badd episode... man.
Good times.


14 August 2008

Home, sweet celebrity home

Yo Feather. You know I have such a weakness for Celebrity real estate. I adore the houses in general in LA. I love the mansions, the bungalows and the sprawling estates. Be it the Hollywood Hills, Bel Air or Beverly Hills, I can't get enough. Especially the homes with much documented history. Who lived there etc.

Sites like this one give me my daily fix, but when I come across a celeb real estate listing with heaps of photos and tons of info it really makes my day.

Molly Sims has listed her Hollywood Hills home and you can check out the virtual tour right here. I quite like it. Actually I really like it. It has a nice feel about it. The shower area is cool and I like the outdoor eating area. Awesome sky line views of LA too from the balcony. It was built in the late 1930's and while having all the modern features, the original design of the house still remains prominent.

Trainwreck Gig

Hey Feather, Trainwreck are playing in London on 21st.
You should go.

Metropolis Music presents: TRAINWRECK @ DINGWALLS
Thursday, August 21st
Middle Yard, Camden London NW1 8A8,

Tix here


We're saved! People of Britain, you can buy Starbucks green tea latte concenrate online

I looked on Ebay and others at your suggestion, and they all had green tea powder. But I'm glad you prompted me because Starbucksstore.com actually has Matcha Green Tea Latte Concentrate, a liquid concerate that you can mix with frothy milk to make the exact same Green Tea Lattes that they don't sell here in London. I already had some green tea powder brought home by friends from KL, but I I have to add so much sugar to make it taste good, and the sugar content is something I didn't want to know about.
Anyway, at Starbucks they use melon syrup - the crucial ingredient is the melon syrup - and this concentrate already has it in! YAYAYAYA!
They only ship within the US, so I have to use the postal of address of my relos, will let you know how it is when it arrives.
xx F

13 August 2008

Silly thing that I desperately have to have #406

Mattel have released Elvis and Priscilla dolls. But they have sold out . You could try ebay I guess if you are in the market.


Beijing the Beautiful

Ni hao Zeph!
Just watched me some of the Olympic Games opening ceremony - I know, I know I'm like a week late - but I don't have a TV, and hey I finally caught up with the rest of the world in the end.
I am obviously not involved in the political arguments and hating on China, being a former resident and all, but I get that many have chosen not to watch any of the 2008 Olympics. Those people should stop reading now.

The ceremony made me really homesick for Beijing, even though a million things have changed since I left in 2004. Things would change every day when I was there - often your favourite restaurant would be there one day, bulldozed the next, and replaced by a cool lounge bar! But overall, Beijing is seriously beautiful. In fact, my apartment was in a courtyard down one of the city's famous little hutongs (laneways) - it was so quiet and so Chinese.

I had a great time watching the show so here are some images from the highlights:

I loved the drumming at the beginning, their costumes were fierce (not in a Tyra Banks kind of way, just in a scary way) and when the gymnast Li Ning was running around up in the air with the torch - from certain angles that looked amazing!

Ooh and the bit when the silver rings made of dust became solid and got picked up into the air - hello! And the fireworks, because I do love fireworks... and... ok I'll stop now... I know the Olympics is cheesy, but I'm glad I checked it out.
xx F

12 August 2008

Yep, Peaches Geldof Got Married in Vegas

I can't sleep so I'm idly surfing the net and The Daily Mail is reporting that Peaches Geldof got married!? To Max Drummey. This is big news for all those Tatler readers of course, and I just know it's going to be plastered everywhere when I wake up and head to Bond Street to start my work day. Yep, London loves the Geldofs. Hey, maybe she did it to get attention back off her sister & co.

Here's a quote from the report:

The 'quickie' ceremony took place last Tuesday at the Little White Wedding Chapel, with the Reverend Stephen Fabretti officiating... Mr Fabretti said: 'They both looked very young. They were cuddling and kissing and didn't look in the slightest bit nervous. It was just them and one witness. It was one of our standard services inside the chapel.'

and Perez Hilton said: Unfortunately, this is not a joke.

She was always the least interesting Geldof to me (Tigerlily being the most interesting for some wierd reason) - I really don't like what Peaches wears. At all. She seems to always get it wrong somehow. Plus I once read that she doesn't like having a wierd name, which I thought was sad. I think if Peaches is your name, deal with it, it's just the name that your mum chose. But anyway, a Vegas wedding is coolio man, and puts her up a notch or two for now.

Cooking Blogs, a treat for the eyes and mouth

Is it weird that I have about 20 cook books and have only ever actually cooked about 3 of the recipies? I tell you why this happens. I'm a sucker for food photography.
I've decided this habit is silly and expensive, so I've turned to the net for food blogs. There are some really impressive sites out there. These bloggers amaze me. Are they on drugs? I mean that in the nicest way. I come home from work, watch friends re-runs, eat some toast and retire to bed.
These people are regular joes who hold day jobs and manage to cook some brilliant dishes and then photograph and blog about them. I mean on a daily basis. Phew.
My favorites go so far as to put step by step photographs up, so I just swivel my computer around to face the kitchen and use the screen like an open recipe book. This delights me no end.
I don't mind some of the professional sites, marthastewart.com etc, but they are a bit old hat. It's the blogs I like best. The photography is amazing and have that personal touch.

http://www.exclusivelyfood.com.au/ is a good aussie site. People write comments and ask questions after each recipe so this helps if you need a bit more help.

http://aapplemint.blogspot.com/ has some pretty photos and some seriously yummy looking food.
Try www.bloggerschoiceawards.com and look under the food category for more sites.
Tonight I'm actually going to try making one of the recipes. A layered vegetable cob. We'll see how I go.

x Zeph

I just put some photos up of the end result. It turned out pretty good (the cob, not the photography) thanks to the easy instructions. It would be really good to prepare and take on a picnic.
Recipe was obtained from http://www.exclusivelyfood.com.au/


America Ferrera Needs to Lighten Up

Have you seen this video of America Ferrera hating on Gossip Girl, the show I and many enjoy?

Gees, it's not like her show is the most intellectual.... America needs to learn to have some fun, I mean she does work in the entertainment industry.


Hahahhaa I think that's hilarious! She's just pissed that they are talking about GG during the junket for her movie. The face she makes is so funny.
I love The Soup too, best show ever.


10 August 2008

The Starbucks Stores Still Open in OZ, and Dear Starbucks UK, please, get a clue.

Hey Zephyr,
I can't believe the Starbucks stores in Canberra are not there anymore. I get that Starbucks coffee is kinda bad, but there is a yummy Starbucks specialty drink for every taste, and I just love it for those times when I want anonymity and convenience. Of course, I feel nostalgic because the Garema Place store is where we would have the soul-quenching chats that we now use this blog for. Being this far away and as attached as I am, it's hard for me to even imagine it gone.
I could not have survived my Honours year without the Canberra Centre store and the Garema Place store. As you know I love their Green Tea Lattes so much that I would have one for breakfast and one for dinner nearly every day in 2007 - they were the only thing my stressed out academic stomach could keep down. Hell, I even named my FitDay account after them!
Photo from Jim in Singapore, another GTL fan who blogged about it here
And since I've arrived here I've written to Starbucks what, 3 times, asking them to please god just bring the Green Tea Latte to London too I mean how could you not have them you even have them in the US stores (they are a bit too sweet there so ask for less syrup if you go). But somehow the UK has not caught on, and I am stuck Starbucks-wise here, so I miss those Canberra stores a lot.

So, here is the list of stores that are still open in Oz. Apparently only tourists drink it and therefore Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane lucked out.


525 George St

Circular Quay

Cockle Bay Imax Complex


Hyde Park Pacific Power Building

Mt Druitt Westfield


Sydney Airport International Departures

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Transport House York Street


Brisbane Hospital QLD


Chermside Westfield

Chevron Renaissance Gold Coast Highway


Myer Centre Brisbane

Queen Street Brisbane

Queens Plaza Brisbane


295 Swanston Street

City Square Collins Street

DFO Spencer Street


Midtown Plaza Bourke Street

When I'm home next I might have to do a pilgrimage.
xx F


Dear Zeph,
Happy Birthday!!
Wishing you a good day and a great year.
Lots of love,
xx Feather (& Marilyn)

08 August 2008

Celeb I'd like to dress: Britney Spears

Nice work on Mariah Carey Feather. She would look amazing in the casual glamour that is Josh Goot.
Ok, so I am not really a fan of Britney. But it is so frustrating opening a mag and seeing the mess that she is. The problem is she has no idea, she has this very small town view on fashion. And the hair in a bun on top of her head that she wears constantly? I'm sure I've seen that hair style on a couple of Episodes of COPS. Even when in her mind she is making an effort, it is still all wrong. This photo of her at her sister's baby shower proves my point.
Britney? 1991 called, it wants it's dress back.

So here's what I think she needs to do. She needs to wear nice clean lines, but avoid too much structure.
Also I think she needs to avoid patterns and tacky two piece ensembles. She will never be a skinny jean wearing It girl like the Olsens or Nicole Ritchie, that wouldn't look natural on her. She needs girly with an edge.
For casual street wear she could go for something like this from Just Cavalli:

For events and parties etc she needs to lose the floral dresses and anything that makes her look hippy or large in the thigh area.

I would love to see her in something like this BCBG Max Azria dress, but I'm just not sure she could pull it off.

What I'm picturing that might work is very Charlotte from Sex and the City. Glamour/1950's. I think Britney likes to look "pretty", she just goes about it the wrong way. So maybe pieces like these would work.

Finally, the hair. I really liked this blunt bob on her, but I'd probably prefer it a touch longer. Just skimming the shoulders.

I think Britney is slowly crawling her way back out of crazyville these days, I just hope she suprises everyone and does it in style.

x Z

CELEB I'D LIKE TO DRESS.... Mariah Carey Vs Josh Goot

It's the Celeb I'd Like To Dress moment I have been waiting for my whole life!
Subject: Mariah Carey
Here's what she looks like with nothing on:
Haha yer right!
Anyway, I have always/will always love MC but her clothes are so often completely wrong, for her and for anyone who has to look at her. I once read that she owns over 500 pairs of levis - I wanted to reach into the magazine and pull out that boastful stylist of hers by the neck, because MC should not be wearing the jeans she does, they are obviously uncomfortable and always too damn new!! (case in point to the right) That stylist probably invented the butterfly waist chain too. Kill...

I always thought that if I could re-style Mariah Carey I'd dress her down and let her awesomeness shine through.
And I do think MC is awesome, so I wont patronise her with one of those cut-out outfit collages, even though they work well for others. I will merely point her in the direction of something new.

Her video clips, her photoshopped images, her clomp clomp platform heels, could all do with a dose of designer. No, I don't mean label, I mean designer. Enter the amazing Josh Goot.

A piece of fashion history (left): I had to call across to Perth to snap up both this dress and this trench from his Designers for Target range last year.

For people that don't recognise the name, he is an Australian designer and an absolute favourite of mine. His truly beautiful clothes are of a relaxed and tailored style that would subtly update Mariah's wardrobe but rocket launch her up the sophistication ladder. 'Has she had work done?' people would ask. 'Has she finally grown up?' they'd wonder.

Any piece by Josh Goot would be a start, but I would love to see Mariah in one of these two outfits from S/S 2006. The silver mini-skirt still holds enough bling but it's made of a more flattering material that she has ever seen in her life. The electric blue shade is more modern and feminine - and more complementary to her hair and skin tones - than any of the pink and purple she continually insists on wearing. Yes, I just said 'more modern' than her current clothing, and we are looking at something over two years old. I guess that's what I want Mariah Carey to realise, that there are forward-thinking designers out there, who enjoy making women look stunning. Hell, they can even make a constantly overdone girl look like she naturally has great taste.
So, MC, I suggest you try a few and start by getting yourself some Josh Goot, because you're worth it.xx Feather

03 August 2008

The Gladiator Sandal. Yay or Nay?

I'm not sure how you feel about this trend, but I just want it to go away. I don't care why, where or who's wearing them.
(unless you're a real gladiator, then I'll let it slide).

It actually pains me to use these pictures as examples. But it proves my point, no matter who the wearer is, they are look hideous. I think they are totally unflattering, also they remind me of spider webs so I get anxious whenever I see a pair. I don't mind the low regular sandal type variety. It's really just the knee high type I have problems with.
I honestly think this will be trend we will all laugh at in years to come when looking through photo albums. You know "ha ha, what was I thinking?". Well I am thinking, and I'm telling you all now, they are horrendous.
I'm sorry, I love to hate fashion as much as love it, it is art after all. But I'd sooner not think about these at all. Gladiator Sandals have no place in my fashion world.

x Zeph

Hi Zephr,
I'm very happy to weigh in on this one - it's an oldie but a goodie and also, we disagree!!
That's right, you say nay and I... say yay.
Maybe it's just because I love body-con so much that I can see how people can like these weird bondage-meets-jesusandallthingsnatural foot coatings. Or maybe it's because this version we're discussing, the knee-high, is not threatening me with signs of lasting. It did well to last this long.
But let me further explain:
It's so difficult to pull off, the entire statement is completely restricted to below the knee, and it is the most unrelaxed looking 'relaxed, boho, I just wear an oversized tshirt and these' shoe out there. I therefore respect those who get this right. Kimberly Stewart, with your fringey Etro crap um, you f$*&d up, but you others, that followed certain, very specific rules (no fringe goes without saying dammit Kimberly), you few people, you are ok.

My rules are as follows:1. If you are going to wear the flat ones - wear the Chanel ones and daytime only. Please, for the love of God, Chanel only, we cannot turn off our eyes and they burn from sightings of wannabes.
(well done Mary-Kate)

2. If you are going to wear them out on the town - wear the high heeled Balenciaga ones. In fact these are the king of this trend - with a totally hot zip they are easier to get into than most ordinary shoes, and any lax vibe adds to this statement. (good work Kylie)

3. If you insist that this is the only way you can get through the day/express yourself/feel cool, and you cannot afford either of the above two and you already tried to steal Kate Moss's ones directly from her closet AND you really are only going to wear an oversized t-shirt - wear the Asos ones, daytime only.

Sheesh, those are some taxing rules. But anyone with chutzpa enough to still want these, do not, I repeat: do not, think you can branch out from these rules and get say these from Alexander McQueen:
Your friends and your boyfriend will cringe at the sight of you, then they will sit in your closet, and you wont even be able to Visa swap them, Lohan-style.

I guess what I'm saying is, I quite like them but I sure as hell wont be wearing em - they're too much work.
xx Feather

P.S lots of shoe-sightings at Shoebunny.com

02 August 2008

I do, but not yet: Forbidden Thoughts of Weddings

I'm still fighting back thoughts of weddings on about a weekly basis. Wait, I have to re-phrase that: I'm fighting back thoughts of my own, very personal, very elaborate, fairytale wedding. Crazy. As someone who never dreamt about her wedding (I refuse to call it a Big Day) as a little girl, it is so weird that I always do this.

Anyway, I recently came across another wedding dress I liked the idea of, which led me to come across another and then another... and yes all the while I was telling myself that I should stop, because, of course, I am not even engaged. But I feel there are so few real wedding dress possibilities out there for me, so when I see a dress that has the concept sort of right it sticks in my mind and causes me to plummet into a world of 'what else would I want...?'

The thing is, I also kind of know what I want. In every little aspect available to wedding planning, I am actually open to very few ideas (that there are other honeymoon destinations besides the Maldives, for example). I have come to the conclusion that I am a traditionalist and conservative and every other word that means I want a romantic, private, elegant, jaw-dropping and completely unaffordable affair. And I know I'm not alone in this, so for your escape reading pleasure I'm going to post some images that represent the goings on of my mind when I consider that I might one day get married. To save space and to prevent myself from being swept away by an onset of OCD, I'm limiting this to my most important categories. Here we go....



The Engagement Ring

A Tiffany heart-shaped diamond solitaire.
Who invented this?? Did they also invent love itself?

The Flowers
Roses, pink and natural, like Mikhail Vrubel's Rose in a Glass (1904).


Mildy open to suggestion:

The Venue

First choice, now and forever:
A location like this one, where Jennifer Lopez married Marc Anthony. In fact, say what you will about her but I would let J.Lo design the entire thing - all her weddings have been so on-style for me, I basically consider it her area of expertise

Australian Spaces:
On a beach somewhere back home is always an option - the guests would be very happy, and that would make me happy

The Honeymoon

Followed by 7 days here

Followed by 2 weeks here

The Dress
None of these three!
(but maybe something like one of them, depending on the venue, and if I get married tomorrow and keep my eyes shut till then)

New York



+ this veil

That's it. Enough. I know this isn't much, and it's all completely random, but I don't want to go any further until I'm actually organising one, at which point I want it to be that admirable, simple, 'yes', 'no', 'next', kind of planning - ha!
That was fun though.