26 February 2009

The Perfect 3

I have that old desire to purchase things again, as always on a Friday... Perhaps it's the sense of weekend freedom just round the corner and I'll be free to hit the stores. To buy or not to buy... maybe just to look?
Since you have been in town the last few weeks Feather, we've been able to window shop together. But you are off overseas again soon and I will be again using our beloved blog to show you all the cool stuff I find. So I figure I might as well get back into it.
There are several items I'm always in the market for. A bucket hat, Boots and handbags. These are the things I've been hunting forever and I assume always will be. There is always something not quite right. I'm constantly on the hunt for the perfect fit or shape or colour, and they continue to elude me.
So today's theme is my perfect 3...with a twist.

1. Bucket Hat from https://www.rikefeurstein.com/ Love, love the shape.

But then again, maybe this one is better to see me through Winter '09?

2. The Boots.

Ok, so what I'm after is the biker boot. Slight heel. Buckle. Dirty Charcoal Black. Think Brenda Walsh. You know what I'm talking about Feather. One day I will find me a pair. In the meantime I'm loving this heeled boot from http://www.asos.com/

3. The Handbag
Many a bag has passed through my hands, many have spent months under my arm or in my grip. Not a one has been special. Not one. Oh I see beautiful bags all the time, I do. But most bags suit me that day, or that out fit or a particular mood. I'm looking for the bag that is perfect come rain hail or shine. Will it be quilted? A satchel or a tote? I'm thinking it will be Gucci or Marc Jacobs who delivers, but you just never know.

Today, I like this one from Marc Jacobs :

And this little Fendi :

And finally from this buttery goodness from Dior:

All bags can be found at eluxury.com

Hey Zeph
Well, I can't say I'm not a little hurt ;) I got you a handbag once, so beautiful, so useful, day or night, work or play.... when I think of it it still seems to really suit you, so maybe I'm delusional!
I love that first hat, its sooo nice. Its similar to a beautiful grey one that Katie Holmes wears in her new movie:
These are called Cloche hats - a little something I learned from Tongue in Chic.
Me no likey the boots-y, but I love the Fendi handbag.
Yo Feather, I totally forgot about that grey bag! My wardrobe is a mess and it often means Im coming across long lost treasures buried deep within. I love it - its so soft and the red & white striped lining is so me. So, as an added note my above post...I have lots of nice bags, and one very special one.

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