13 June 2008

First. Post. Ever. - intro

Welcome to Feather&Zephyr!

Fashion, trends, design, people, places,
We used to contemplate this stuff together over Starbucks. Then,
one fateful day, Zephyr stayed in Canberra, Australia and I moved to London, England. We can't get together anymore, yet we have even more to discuss! We decided starting a blog would be easier than posting one another pictures cut from fashion magazines or emailing back and forth with links to looks we've come across online.

So, here you'll mainly find us exchanging ideas and opinions on looks, designers and what we consider to be foreseeable trends. Plus there'll be a bit of health + beauty, food, travel, design and general consumerism as we go through life testing all there is to offer until we find out whether awesome stuff really will make us happy.

At Feather&Zephyr we think globally, so our blog will have an international focus. Be prepared for info on new Australian designers, snooty London in-crowds, and everything unavoidable in-between. Please, please comment on posts, we relish input, this is live debating - granted, between the two of us - but anything you say only provides more fuel for thought, so join in!

Basically, Wowowow is not the only blog by and for smart women, Style.com is not the only place online for a quick fashion fix, and Perez is not the only one who hates and rates celebs... as you will see!

xx Feather

Zeph, I'm loving this already

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