27 June 2008

The longing inside....

Hey Zephyr!
I guess we all want what we can't have eh? Because by the looks of what you are loving at the moment, you should be in London. Since I arrived I have enjoyed various B&B outings, the people here are horse mad like us, and the cars in my neighbourhood... well, there's a Maserati parked permanently down the road for a start. The money here is outrageous.
And what I want are all things I can't have too, like that trip to Fiji you are taking later in the year!

Lets get started:
1. Cowboys.
Upon visiting the Guggenheim over Christmas I fell in love with a cowboy, and then many other cowboys, all by Richard Prince. While his other art means little to me, he has taken one of my all time inspirations - American Cowboys & Horses - to new heights with a beautiful photograph series. Sotheby's will be selling off a giant sunset image of Prince's, of cowboys setting up camp out West, in this week's Contemporary sale, and the Serpentine Gallery show opened last night here in London. Oh yeah, and he guest edited July Harper's Bazaar, but more about that in another post. The mania is too much - it's boring when an artist is too much the latest thing - but Prince's cowboy images will prevail for me.

2. A Burberry and Balenciaga work wardrobe.
It's crazy to be working on New Bond Street, one of the most iconic streets of London fashion, art and well, shopping! But somehow I do, and each day I wish that I had Burberry Prorsum's Christopher Bailey to dress me in the morning, and Balenciaga statement shoes (not necessarily the lego platforms, I would kill for the suede ankle boots selling online at Matches right now) to finish off a corporate look. For now though that's just inspirations and wishful thinking.

3. Gossip Girl.

I dont care what anyone says, people are watching this show! They crave the styling, they watch 15 second clips on youtube or they brave shitty desktop ads when they Google free episodes, because they are addicted, like me.

4. The Macbook Air.
Now that featherandzephyr is live and running I desire even more to have my own Macbook Air. I read its bad reviews online and still know that, since I dont need anything ridiculous from a laptop, it is the beautiful, light, stylishly designed, practical and technologically perfect gadget for me.

5. Tropical Islands.
Since I moved to this city not a day has gone by where I have not dreamed of an island with blue water and white sand. I then dream of the swimwear to go with it, but if I let myself daydream anymore here I will get depressed. I need to embrace the pavement and Victorian architecture for now.

6. And, last but not least: LOVE
A huge inspiration and I see signs of it everywhere, from the white swans on the Little Venice canals near my place to the roses I see men bringing home on the tube. Keep it up everyone, it triggers happy feelings for me.

xx Feather

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