15 June 2008

The FITness, diet and exercise tool free online toDAY

Hey Zeph, being an Aussie girl in London is hard, and this got me on the road back to feeling like myself again...

If fitday.com were a handheld gadget it would retail for £a lot, and get gold-plated by Prada for a LimitedEdition. And its the ultimate envy item: whole offices full of modern women will soon be logging in, just trying to be like me!

Here at F&Z we only give props where props are due. And at the mo' I am love, love, loving fitday.com! I just stumbled upon the site - I am going to sound like an infomercial for the next few sentences but I'm afraid it can't be helped...

Many girls in London right now are trying to lose weight quickly or to get in shape for summer. For the clever among you, fitday.com should be the first point of call en route towards your goal. It is an invaluable tool to lose or maintain weight, it's completely FREE, and (hello, useful) it's web-based. It works if you are a diet person or not a diet person, because it is so damn easy to use. I am not a diet person (or an exercise person), but I wanted to see what I was eating, and it delivered more than I asked for - in stats and graphs! I got skinny just watching what I ate. That's it.

Phew, that was lame, but I am being honest. Now I'll switch to easy steps so that I'm gushing less!
Step 1. fitday.com is FREE, so set up an account, give yourself a little nickname ~(mine is greentealattes)
Step 2. enter in your details; weight, height and goals if you like, the website will calculate everything for you
Step 3. log in and enter what you eat, and any workouts. Adjust the quantities and, if you dont find the food you ate, use one that is similar or has similar calorie content.
Step 4. Use it hardcore - keep track of your weight, keep track of your fat intake, keep track of carbs, keep track of bloody everything, even nutrition and H2O intake
Use it lax - keep track of what you ate or burned, eat under a certain amount of calories to lose (never too low), or up around your basic calorie need to maintain.

xx Feather

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