26 July 2008

Daisy Lowe never looked so good - modelling Armani in Tatler August 2008

Hey Zephyr! In London, if you're not careful, all you hear about is Daisy Lowe, Alexa Cheung, Pixie Geldoff (or however you spell their names) and their hi-jinx. It is soooo boring. I dread opening Tatler, the magazine that worships their asses. Since Daisy Lowe has become a model, in addition to just another Rock Offspring...... it is still dull.
But, I was blown away when I saw this image in the August issue of Tatler. She looks incredible! She never looks like this. It's a pity they promised the cover to The Dark Knight because this shot would have totally moved magazines.
Click here - Some Notes on Napkins has posted the other photos from the spread.
Also, I got this pic from J.Rabbit at bunny Bisous, it was one of the first on the net.

xx Feather

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