03 July 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen at the NY premiere of The Wackness

Hey Zephyr!
Just wanted to get your thoughts on what Mary-Kate Olsen wore for the NY premiere of The Wackness (a film I predict we will love even if noone else does) on Wednesday night.

At first, I thought she was Ashley. And after that I was so disappointed (hate the shoes, hate the belt, and doesn't only Ashley wear that colour and that neckline??). And after that I fell in love with it - Apparently the screening was followed by a party on the rooftop of The Gramercy, but MK obviously doesn't need to wear a frilly frock to have a good time. Respect.
What do you think?
xx Feather

Hi F,
This is what I thought when I saw the picture - Hate it. Then...love it! Then hate it, love it hate it and so on so forth. After ten minutes or so of doing this I have decided I don't like it. I think it was the shoes that tipped me over the edge.
In general it isn't such a bad look, I just feel like she isn't bringing anything new to the table. I didn't feel refreshed or inspired like I often do when seeing MK in a new outfit.
Aside from that I am very much looking forward to seeing The Wackness.

x Zeph

Hi Zeph,
Yer, where is her kookyness? Where has it gone? Is it in the shoes? Because it's not in that wide belt, and it's not in the colours she chose. An all black outfit would have been boring too but at least it would have had some edge. I think what we have here is MK trying to be conservative in case she scares potential movie viewers away, and it went all wrong. Either that or (hopefully) she's just relaxed and ready to chill on that rooftop.
xx F

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