14 July 2008

Online shopping - Dresses, Bags & Shoes

I thought I'd focus on a website for each catergory. So I've come up with what I think is the best go-to site for each item.
First up - Dresses
http://www.asos.com/ has so much to look at. I think I just killed an hour an a half (and I'm mean't to be working -oops) trolling through page after page of just dresses on this site. You can search by size, type or even celeb look, Rachel Bilson, V Beckham etc.
Also when you click on a dress you can hit the "view on catwalk" button to see the model wearing that dress strut the catwalk. It really gives a better idea of the dress before you decide to buy.
Shoes - http://www.victoriassecret.com/

Victoria's Secret has some really hot shoes at the moment. Especially the collection by Colin Stuart. I'm really into black + gold at the moment. Especially black skinny jeans or a black mini dress with gold pumps, so I want the gold mary janes real bad. For bags and bargains, wwwforever21.com is where you need to go. So cheap. The only pricey bit for me is the postage. So I guess for as little as $5 for a clutch it would be worth your while to make the most of your purchase and stock up on multiple items.

So, that's it for now Feather, hope you have fun looking, or possibly buying.

x Zeph

P.S - I just found this site and I want to add it - they seem to specialise in Black tie/cocktail/race wear. They even have a bridal section.
It's an Australian site and they stock clothing and accessories from some cool designers like George Gross who I love because their clothes are great for petites.

The thing I love about this site, is the majority of the clothes are beautiful. Alot of sites have too much over-priced ugly or boring pieces. I honestly couldn't find much I didn't like. Check it out. http://www.madaboochoo.com.au/

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