07 July 2008

Oh, the Fashion Frustration. UK Harper's Bazaar Magazine July '08 - What's Right, What's Wrong

If you're wondering about the contents of this month's UK Harpers Bazaar magazine well, by not reading you do and you don't miss out. It is all over the place at the moment. Here are a few of the high- and low-lights:


First off the whole 'guest editor' thing is always really fun and they got artist-of-the-(neverending)mo' Richard Prince to do July! The cover (above) is more RP than HB, since many of his works feature a girl not wearing much leaning on something (a couch, a car, a deadbeat boyfriend) or they feature horses (with cowboys), and the fashion side is minimal (shit, basically). That said, the white horse won me over. Looking inside, the rest of the Prince stuff was almost non-existent except for a good feature article. I was looking with hope for this image on the right or for something new. I fear Prince's moment cannot last much longer.

Nextly, there was major hoopla about the shoot Ripple Effect, which was chosen for 'Buy from the shoot', only I didn't want to buy jack from the shoot, the shoot was completely lame. Boring model, flat hair, uninspiring fashion, and no chance for readers to engage. Swimsuits in the desert is a wooden concept that sent me back to fashion shoots of ten years ago - artists are wasting their talent with this stuff but I bet once they've flown to a random location and set up base for the session noone wants to say, "Actually, this doesn't look as good as I thought it would, and it deffo wont do for HB readers", do they?
HB told readers Ripple Effect was inspired by the Bond Girl in Thunderball, and they printed this cool photo of her in there too. CRAZY, I mean, why would you do that if the inspiration rocks and the result is dismal, late-nineties, fashion failure? Um, she's in a wetsuit, and possibly on a boat or very probably near water, and she's curvy and her hair is bouncy... I'm not saying they needed to replicate it but these are the inspiring factors!! grr

That said, there is an amazing shoot in this month's issue. Photographed by Alexei Hay and styled by Alison Edmond, The Day After Tomorrow is a futuristic set of images of a model with personality and some kind of beef (well, she looks pissed off), wearing body-con which I always love... and they gave her this really texturised blue-black hair. I couldn't get a pic but I had to tell you that spread is wicked - go to Borders and flick through the mag to check it out.

1. Newby Hands' 5 Steps to a Beach Body was a load of bollocks as these things often are but needn't be. She said wear suncream and fake tan and... 3 other useless things, what a waste of potential and space (a page per step!?!). It was listed on the cover though so I bet it brought in (soon-to-be-disappointed) readers - I certainly got an excitement false alarm.

2. Another mistake, Gossip Girl is apparently going down on the HB radar because they "just can't take style tips from such young kids, it's too Clueless" or something. As I mentioned in an earlier post, people are watching this show. Say the acting's bad, say Ed and Chace are gay, admit you wish you were young, but don't shoot yourself in the foot by bagging out the styling. We don't necessarily want to copy what they wear, but we love to watch them wear it, with a certain lifestyle in NYC as the backdrop. Sound similar to any other TV show we can't watch new episodes of anymore...?

AND WTF, eh?
Finally, because I wanted to say again that I think UK HB
is all over the place right now, and that it seems like Lucy Yeomans, Editor, has little visual sense and no idea fashion-wise at the moment (you may need to produced a themed issue at this stage Lucy, it's so far gone), here is an image from a story on florals on HB.Co.UK (styled by Belinda White) which is confusing and makes me want to throw up:
I hope my faith is restored next month, with some kind of tight, enlightened issue. And, mental note: don't look at HB.co.uk for now.
xx Feather

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