04 July 2008

What's your favourite Elvis era?

Hey Zeph,
Just quickly: Today I was on my way home from work listening to Paul Simon's
Graceland (the lyrics of which I will most definitely post one day on F&Z) and in a crazy-good mood because it's Friday, when I started smiling remembering that you love 70s Elvis.
I thought I'd post my favourite Elvis image of all time, the one that represents for me the era of Elvis's career that I love the most, and you could do the same.

Of course, I also love this image because its a Warhol and so has that whole pop-culture art scene thing about it. I have it postcard size on the inside of my closet.
So, what's your favourite Elvis pic? I want the one that pulls the heart strings for you above all others. I probably don't need to remind you of this but it was you that somehow got me onto Elvis in the first place. And now I think of our joint obsession everytime I hear Paul Simon sing my favourite line: "For reasons I cannot explain there's some part of me wants to see Graceland"
xx F

Oh Feather, you've opened the floodgates with Elvis. I really don't know which particular image I like the most. You know, I do love the 70's Elvis with the jumpsuits, the side burns and those glasses. But that era is also touched with a bit sadness. His time was coming to an end and the drugs were taking their toll. For my money, Elvis was at his best at the '68 comeback Special. He had broken free of The Colonel and this was Elvis in his own right. Wearing black leather on the simple stage surrounded by a handful of fans. That night was pure Elvis. He is funny, flirty and charsmatic.

What you get is a raw, honest performance. My favorite moment though comes at the end. Changing out of his leathers and into a white suit with a crimson neck tie, he stands in front of his name in neon lights. 'If I can Dream' is my all time favorite Elvis song, and for me, watching him sing it on that night in 1968 never loses it's power.

Watch the clip here..

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