31 July 2008

Cool Internet Finds

Hi Feather, I have that urge to purchase things online again. It happens almost every week actually, usually on a Friday. So here are some items I've found online that I'm considering buying/might buy/wish I could buy...

"Clocky" Alarm clock from www.top3.com.au
Maybe this is one of those purchases that the novelty wears off pretty damn quick and you rue the day you ever bought the damn thing, but it could still be fun for a while. The dealio is this alarm clock gives you one chance to snooze, then he takes off and the only way to stop him is to physically get out of bed and catch him. The alarm sound is described as r2d2 crossed with cheeping birds. Wierd. Could be a cool gift for a brother or a mate.

Bumble & bumble spray de mode - www.meccacosmetica.com.au
The way this new product is described you'd think it's the best invention since sliced bread. And after watching the promo video with all the hipsters expressing their adoration I have to say I'm curious to see why all the fuss.

I'm currently watching back to back eps of Beverly Hills 90210, I'm half way thru season 2. Revisiting the fashions really isn't as scary as I thought. True, there are some horrors (bike pants anyone?) but there are also some looks that are being recycled today. Think body suits, brogues and wayfarers. My favorite look is the the men's shirts worn by the girls. Brenda even gets a stern word from her dad for stealing his work shirts.

I don't have a Mr Walsh to steal shirts from, so I may have to purchase this White Suede shirt dress from www.mintshop.com.au

xx Z

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