19 July 2008

The Edge of Love - How far will its fashion go? 40's era looks and styling from the 2008 movie starring Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley

Hey Zeph
I'm back, rosy cheeked and fresh after my first ever walk on beautiful Hampstead Heath this morning, which got me nostalgic for a discussion I've been meaning to join for ages - that of what they wear in The Edge of Love.

I feel we are not talking about a trend so much as something which has arrived and will find it very difficult to leave both our minds and our wardrobes. This look is here to stay as something of a fashionista staple, all year round here in the UK because the weather is so grey-ish (I visited Dylan Thomas' boathouse in January and it was romantically bleak) and every winter everywhere else.

The key components of sundress, long woollen socks, chunky cardigan, flat heeled boots and carefree cosiness are easy to come by (you'd have to miss the point to need key pieces and step-by-steps here) and so so snuggly. And if we cant be bothered and do throw on skinny jeans, a loose grey tee and a thin cardigan AGAIN, in those moments when we laugh with a girlfriend or smell a flower or squint at the sun coming out from behind the clouds, our thoughts will flicker to the looks in this film and we'll wish we made the effort.

x Feather

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