09 September 2008

Eww! Julianne Moore Looks All Wrong Again

Hey Zephyr
I wasn't sure if I should post this picture because it's so ugly (and who wants to see ugly?) but anyway, here it is. I can't stand Julianne Moore and I guess I've been waiting for an image like this so I could illustrate my feelings. The thing I do like about her is she seems to be really smart and women with brains are sexy. But unfortunately, I don't care what French Vogue do to her, she just doesn't have any style and it always shows. I think we can safely assume she dressed herself here.

This woman is not 'sexy', 'beautiful', 'stunning', she's a max-5 who dresses way too young for her age and has teeth like she eats people. Ok, that's harsh because she's a talented actress and can look good, but she is never 'amazing' to me - she always seems to look all wrong. Yuk!
xx F

Hey Feather, You know, I like her. She is one of those women who is so imperfect but those imperfections can work for her in certain shots. In reality she looks like this :

and the photo you posted, yeah quite hideous. In Boogie Nights she looks amazing, but then the scenes where she cries, well that's just plain ugly. But I do like her in photo shoots for Vogue and Harpers etc. I really liked the Harpers May 08 shoot, where the poses are inspired by famous portaits of women from the 19th and 20th centuries.


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