02 September 2008

Look of the Week.

Hey Feather,
I've picked out my favorite look for the week, and it'sEva Mendes in Sydey at the 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty Luanch.
I really like Eva, she always looks amazing. She has a killer toned legs and that incredible brown skin. I've read an interview where she says she excercies heaps so she can still eat the food likes, hence the non-waif but totally fit result. It seems I am often admiring her outfit choices and this one is no different.

Here she is wearing a John Rocha dress. But it's the shoes I adore. i'm desperate to find a similar pair before I head off on my holiday in November. The Cobweb cuff is cool too.

So what's your fave look of the week Feather?

Hey Zeph
Yer Eva Mendes is cool and always looks great, but I don't get her... is she va-va-voom or is she down-to-earth or what, what's her 'thing'? Maybe she's just happy to be a regular person, so she doesn't act out a personality for the general public to cling to - against the wishes of her PR team, if so.
Also, don't you already have those shoes? I swear you do, but they are lovely.
So when you asked me my favourite look of the week I thought oh no, do I be honest or do I be cool? Of course I'm going to be honest, it is only for the week after all...
It's Reese Witherspoon, in Brazil to speak out against Domentic Violence for the UN Development Fund for Women. I love the shoes, the dress is an oldie but one that's still going strong on the high street and I love navy-blue, and she looks amazing - better than I've seen her in a while.
Here are some pics from JustJared.com:

xx F

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