15 September 2008

Is it a BANKSY???? Street art Vs Hirst at Sotheby's

Banksy, Keep It Spotless (2007)

A dodgy looking piece of street art has sprung up opposite Sotheby's London. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Damien Hirst is showing works at Sotheby's on New Bond Street which will be auctioned off starting this evening. The sale marks the first time an artist has bypassed his galleries and dealers to go straight to auction and take a complete pay-check. Hirst apparently had a falling out with Charles Saatchi a while ago - could that have sparked his interest in going it alone? Most likely it was money, as the minimum total sale estimate is £65,000,000.

On Friday night Sotheby's hosted a party to celebrate the event, at which Lily Allen performed and Mark Ronson was DJ, and where a fight apparently broke out on the dancefloor with an administrator smashing a glass over a fellow party-goer's poor head. Gees, throw the right shapes at Sotheby's I guess, or you're not on the list anymore.

On Saturday night the galleries were open until midnight, to add to the hype and to allow clients last minute checks as to whether the art will go with the sofa.

Sotheby's staff arrived back at work this morning to find an image in the style of Banksy of Zebras wearing scuba-diving masks, pondering the whereabouts of both Hirst and Charlie. But the work was not completed directly on the wall, rather it's stuck on like bad cut-out nursery decor. It's not very funny, clever or comprehensible really and the artist hasn't claimed it with a signature. Banksy has had a go at Hirst before, as you can see by the image above, but did he do this one? I'd expect a bigger, better F-off than that from the real renegade visual-loudmouth, but any F-off will do for now.
I'll try to get a pic soon.


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