20 September 2008

Identical Interiors

So. Freaky. You know what I did today Z?
I went to the Portabello Rd markets in Notting Hill looking for bric-a-brac because I'm slowly (on a tight budget) transforming the tiny central London apartment that is my current home.
I think we have been having identical thoughts of late - all I have been thinking about is interiors!

What got me started was that I changed the bookshelves in the loungeroom, following the seemingly obvious advice of Oprah's (gay, unfortunately) hot designer Nate. They now look amazing somehow, he is nothing short of genius.
Today I found an assortment of white pottery and some frames which are going to transform my bedroom. Incredibly, no item was more than £1. I need to update the energy in there and the perfect items just kept appearing!

So anyway, in all the inspo searching I did I came across this quiz at The Inspired Room, which I think you will love (TIR found it at the cool blog This is Glamourous). It's a photo-based style thing, do it, its so fun.

Here is my result:


When it comes to decorating and furnishing your home, no one would ever accuse you of purism and restraint. Your home's a shrine to all things glamorous. You're a real glamour puss, never happier than when an opportunity crops up to add another flourish of theatrical pizzazz to your home. We're not saying you're a drama queen, really...!

That new apartment block in NYC is TOTALLY awesome. However, I am a firstly a refurbished brownstone devotee, secondly a Park Avenue girl, and thirdly the sprawling ranch type, so it must be placed fourth.

Hey Feather,
Thanks for the link to the quiz! I love a good quiz - especially design related. I've also spent the last hour designing rooms using the site's 3D layout tool. I get totally addicted to this kind of stuff!

Here's the result of my quiz:

Style Guru

You are something of a beady magpie, gleaning ideas, inspiration and objects from the unlikeliest of places. This is really beginning to synthesise into something mistakably 'you'. And only you know what hits and misses the mark, even if you can't always vocalise the how, what and why. You've got got your own set of unique guidelines and nothing can persuade you otherwise. Trouble is, it takes awhile getting things done when you insist on doing them yourself.

Also, still in theme with your top threes, my top three dream homes would be, a A Spanish style mansion in the Hollywood Hills, a bungalow in Laurel Canyon or an English cottage set on a lush garden.


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