14 September 2008

New Beverly Hills 90210!!

Ok Z
The first 3 episodes of the new 90210 are on YouTube.
I'll post the links for Episode 1 right here on F&Z.
The writing's not bad, it's less cheesy than Gossip Girl, but less funny and not tongue-in-cheek at all. Amazingly they manage to cram heaps of backstory into the first 4 minutes of dialogue without making it too painfully obvious. Some parts are really lame, like the high-school drug trade scene (cringe) and the Disney-High-School-Musical scene (wtf??) and the theme song has no... grab.
I like the young, hip teacher character though - he's got kind of a Ryan Gosling thing going on. And the Lead Bitch has awesome curly hair, but so far the fashion is boring (lots of A. Apparel) and they miss the 'cool' mark they're aiming for. So, it's bad and of course I love it.
Enjoy! And tell me if you think you'll be watching.

Episode 1, Part 1/5

Episode 1, Part 2/5

Episode 1, Part 3/5

Episode 1, Part 4/5

Episode 1, Part 5/5


Hey Feather,
So the first episode hit Australia last week and episode two airs tonight. I'll definitely be watching for sure. I was so worried I'd be disappointed in the new 90210. It was my staple TV show growing up, yours too Feather. We'd discuss the previous nights show at school with such passion.
But thankfully, I really liked episode one. I actually squealed when Brenda made her appearance.
You're right though, the fashion was a bit of a let down. Too much emphasis on hipster and trying to be edgy. I know I was always inspired by 90210 to follow their fashion lead, not so this time around.
The other thing I want to say is, are some of them too skinny?? I know times have changed, but it's bordering on being disgusting. I hate to be a drag, but if this 90210 is as influential as the old one was, then I'd hate to think girls feel they have to be that thin. That's all I'm saying.


Hey Z
Yer Silver is too skinny!

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