26 September 2008

Style.com avatars??? weird.... and not stylish.

Hi Z
Avatar is nerd-speak for online cartoon versions of people.
Avatars are so not cool it makes me cringe, I can hardly say the word without gagging - it brings up images of lonely den-dwellers who prefer to keep online personalities rather than socialise properly, and that is just so sad and well, gross. Yet they are popular, which must be why Style.com has introduced them - the website now has cartoon versions of a few famous people who then blog with voice over by way of a leisurely phonecall.
Above is a pic of the Margherita Missoni avatar which as you can see looks nothing like her, and you can watch/listen to her (it?) here. Although Style.com can do no wrong, it is odd and boring and the one thing that would have spiced it up would have been a video, a real photo of the person or even better - a slideshow of backstage/runway pics.
xx F

P.S Where the bleep is GOOP? They said Thursday, and everywhere in the world has already had Thursday. Do you think when they said Thursday they meant Friday? Or even Saturday? Do you think Gwyneth is suffering from performance anxiety? She needn't worry, everyone's looking forward to it.

Yep totally agree with you Feather, Avatars are not cool or fun. They remind me of Bratz dolls for grown ups. Not stylish.

Ah GOOP. Good name choice. Nourish the inner aspect. How...very. I don't know what the deal is, but I'm not really looking forward to seeing what pearls of wisdom Paltrow has to share anyway.

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