20 September 2008

New kid on the block

Hi Feather,
I really can't get enough of cool interiors and spaces at the moment. I'm constantly blown away by the visions of interior designers and architects.
New York City is a city I haven't had the chance to visit..yet, but it's a city that always reminds me of you Feather. So I wanted to show you this place. not sure how you'll feel about it. I haven't really decided myself.
Five Franklin Place, is a 55 unit residential apartment block set be part of the Manhattan skyline in 2009.Located in Tribeca in what used to be called Sugar Loaf Alley (nice name eh?) this 20 story apartment building was designed by Dutch architect Ben van Berkel. And it seems everything has been considered. Colours used in the lower residences differ to those in the middle and then again to ones up the top. This is due to the different amount of daylight each one gets. The black aluminium bands that wrap around the building mirror the surroundings, deflect the sun and serve as balconies. At the same time maximizing privacy and views.
Ranging between $2 million and $16 million the complex also includes a spa and fitness centre. Not to mention the so trendy it hurts lobby. These units are sure to be inhabited by hip young couples with babies named Maeve and Ansel.
For all the sleekness and top of the range fit outs though, it's the rooftop terraces I'm enamoured with.

How's the serenity?
You can check out the website here.


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