05 September 2008

Trend Hunch: Sheer Clothing. Lindsay, Cheryl or Katie?

Hey Zeph
I don't really need to describe this one, suffice to say that lately I randomly find myself more and more desirous of a sheer cardigan, a sheer sweater and a sheer scarf, and 'round here feelings like that are what we call another 'trend hunch'.
I don't however want to look like Miss April in a late nineties Playboy calendar and it's so easy to mistake see-through for sheer and look slutty instead of edgy. So, everybody should repeat, mantra-style: see-through is not sheer. see-through is not sheer. see-through is not sheer. She sells seashells... wait... what?
Anyway, anything not too tight, that makes an outfit look warm and cosy will work. That's right, I'm loving sheer as a Winter trend and nothing more, and as we all know showing skin in winter is embarrasing, so that should help.
Here are some pics for you - three beautiful women wear sheer, only one gets it right. Can you guess who?

Ok it was a trick, not really any of them. But Katie Holmes is almost there, I would kill for that sweater right now, I just wouldn't be branding my bra through it.


P.S Katie, what's your address... I'll lend you a superthin-strapped tank?

Hey Feather,
We may live oceans apart these days, but we are definately still on the same wave length. I too am totally loving the sheer look. I'm glad you covered the sheer does not equal see - through thing. So true. And I have to agree, Katie Holmes is the only one on target here.

x Zeph.

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