02 August 2008

I do, but not yet: Forbidden Thoughts of Weddings

I'm still fighting back thoughts of weddings on about a weekly basis. Wait, I have to re-phrase that: I'm fighting back thoughts of my own, very personal, very elaborate, fairytale wedding. Crazy. As someone who never dreamt about her wedding (I refuse to call it a Big Day) as a little girl, it is so weird that I always do this.

Anyway, I recently came across another wedding dress I liked the idea of, which led me to come across another and then another... and yes all the while I was telling myself that I should stop, because, of course, I am not even engaged. But I feel there are so few real wedding dress possibilities out there for me, so when I see a dress that has the concept sort of right it sticks in my mind and causes me to plummet into a world of 'what else would I want...?'

The thing is, I also kind of know what I want. In every little aspect available to wedding planning, I am actually open to very few ideas (that there are other honeymoon destinations besides the Maldives, for example). I have come to the conclusion that I am a traditionalist and conservative and every other word that means I want a romantic, private, elegant, jaw-dropping and completely unaffordable affair. And I know I'm not alone in this, so for your escape reading pleasure I'm going to post some images that represent the goings on of my mind when I consider that I might one day get married. To save space and to prevent myself from being swept away by an onset of OCD, I'm limiting this to my most important categories. Here we go....



The Engagement Ring

A Tiffany heart-shaped diamond solitaire.
Who invented this?? Did they also invent love itself?

The Flowers
Roses, pink and natural, like Mikhail Vrubel's Rose in a Glass (1904).


Mildy open to suggestion:

The Venue

First choice, now and forever:
A location like this one, where Jennifer Lopez married Marc Anthony. In fact, say what you will about her but I would let J.Lo design the entire thing - all her weddings have been so on-style for me, I basically consider it her area of expertise

Australian Spaces:
On a beach somewhere back home is always an option - the guests would be very happy, and that would make me happy

The Honeymoon

Followed by 7 days here

Followed by 2 weeks here

The Dress
None of these three!
(but maybe something like one of them, depending on the venue, and if I get married tomorrow and keep my eyes shut till then)

New York



+ this veil

That's it. Enough. I know this isn't much, and it's all completely random, but I don't want to go any further until I'm actually organising one, at which point I want it to be that admirable, simple, 'yes', 'no', 'next', kind of planning - ha!
That was fun though.

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