21 August 2008

Again with the 90210

Hey Feather, here's the cover of Nylon magazine featuring the girls of the new 90210.
I don't know, I'm not excited when I look at this. Simple as the explanation might be... I think it's because they are all brunettes. Or maybe I'm getting old and all the young beautiful people look the same to me.
I just don't want the new version to be a disappointment because the main characters lack..character. I know it will be cool because it's new and modern and it's 90210 for the new generation. I just hope they have the goods to back it up beyond their looks.

Hey Zeph,
Well, I really love it. It definitely gets me excited for 90210 and I love the clothes - except the giant pearl necklace. Anyway, what's wrong with brunettes?? I think it's great not to have a blonde lead for a change. I'm sure they'll introduce one soon enough. Meanwhile, these three hair tones aren't too similar.

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