10 August 2008

The Starbucks Stores Still Open in OZ, and Dear Starbucks UK, please, get a clue.

Hey Zephyr,
I can't believe the Starbucks stores in Canberra are not there anymore. I get that Starbucks coffee is kinda bad, but there is a yummy Starbucks specialty drink for every taste, and I just love it for those times when I want anonymity and convenience. Of course, I feel nostalgic because the Garema Place store is where we would have the soul-quenching chats that we now use this blog for. Being this far away and as attached as I am, it's hard for me to even imagine it gone.
I could not have survived my Honours year without the Canberra Centre store and the Garema Place store. As you know I love their Green Tea Lattes so much that I would have one for breakfast and one for dinner nearly every day in 2007 - they were the only thing my stressed out academic stomach could keep down. Hell, I even named my FitDay account after them!
Photo from Jim in Singapore, another GTL fan who blogged about it here
And since I've arrived here I've written to Starbucks what, 3 times, asking them to please god just bring the Green Tea Latte to London too I mean how could you not have them you even have them in the US stores (they are a bit too sweet there so ask for less syrup if you go). But somehow the UK has not caught on, and I am stuck Starbucks-wise here, so I miss those Canberra stores a lot.

So, here is the list of stores that are still open in Oz. Apparently only tourists drink it and therefore Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane lucked out.


525 George St

Circular Quay

Cockle Bay Imax Complex


Hyde Park Pacific Power Building

Mt Druitt Westfield


Sydney Airport International Departures

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Transport House York Street


Brisbane Hospital QLD


Chermside Westfield

Chevron Renaissance Gold Coast Highway


Myer Centre Brisbane

Queen Street Brisbane

Queens Plaza Brisbane


295 Swanston Street

City Square Collins Street

DFO Spencer Street


Midtown Plaza Bourke Street

When I'm home next I might have to do a pilgrimage.
xx F

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