14 August 2008

We're saved! People of Britain, you can buy Starbucks green tea latte concenrate online

I looked on Ebay and others at your suggestion, and they all had green tea powder. But I'm glad you prompted me because Starbucksstore.com actually has Matcha Green Tea Latte Concentrate, a liquid concerate that you can mix with frothy milk to make the exact same Green Tea Lattes that they don't sell here in London. I already had some green tea powder brought home by friends from KL, but I I have to add so much sugar to make it taste good, and the sugar content is something I didn't want to know about.
Anyway, at Starbucks they use melon syrup - the crucial ingredient is the melon syrup - and this concentrate already has it in! YAYAYAYA!
They only ship within the US, so I have to use the postal of address of my relos, will let you know how it is when it arrives.
xx F

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