13 August 2008

Beijing the Beautiful

Ni hao Zeph!
Just watched me some of the Olympic Games opening ceremony - I know, I know I'm like a week late - but I don't have a TV, and hey I finally caught up with the rest of the world in the end.
I am obviously not involved in the political arguments and hating on China, being a former resident and all, but I get that many have chosen not to watch any of the 2008 Olympics. Those people should stop reading now.

The ceremony made me really homesick for Beijing, even though a million things have changed since I left in 2004. Things would change every day when I was there - often your favourite restaurant would be there one day, bulldozed the next, and replaced by a cool lounge bar! But overall, Beijing is seriously beautiful. In fact, my apartment was in a courtyard down one of the city's famous little hutongs (laneways) - it was so quiet and so Chinese.

I had a great time watching the show so here are some images from the highlights:

I loved the drumming at the beginning, their costumes were fierce (not in a Tyra Banks kind of way, just in a scary way) and when the gymnast Li Ning was running around up in the air with the torch - from certain angles that looked amazing!

Ooh and the bit when the silver rings made of dust became solid and got picked up into the air - hello! And the fireworks, because I do love fireworks... and... ok I'll stop now... I know the Olympics is cheesy, but I'm glad I checked it out.
xx F

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