12 August 2008

Yep, Peaches Geldof Got Married in Vegas

I can't sleep so I'm idly surfing the net and The Daily Mail is reporting that Peaches Geldof got married!? To Max Drummey. This is big news for all those Tatler readers of course, and I just know it's going to be plastered everywhere when I wake up and head to Bond Street to start my work day. Yep, London loves the Geldofs. Hey, maybe she did it to get attention back off her sister & co.

Here's a quote from the report:

The 'quickie' ceremony took place last Tuesday at the Little White Wedding Chapel, with the Reverend Stephen Fabretti officiating... Mr Fabretti said: 'They both looked very young. They were cuddling and kissing and didn't look in the slightest bit nervous. It was just them and one witness. It was one of our standard services inside the chapel.'

and Perez Hilton said: Unfortunately, this is not a joke.

She was always the least interesting Geldof to me (Tigerlily being the most interesting for some wierd reason) - I really don't like what Peaches wears. At all. She seems to always get it wrong somehow. Plus I once read that she doesn't like having a wierd name, which I thought was sad. I think if Peaches is your name, deal with it, it's just the name that your mum chose. But anyway, a Vegas wedding is coolio man, and puts her up a notch or two for now.

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