08 August 2008

CELEB I'D LIKE TO DRESS.... Mariah Carey Vs Josh Goot

It's the Celeb I'd Like To Dress moment I have been waiting for my whole life!
Subject: Mariah Carey
Here's what she looks like with nothing on:
Haha yer right!
Anyway, I have always/will always love MC but her clothes are so often completely wrong, for her and for anyone who has to look at her. I once read that she owns over 500 pairs of levis - I wanted to reach into the magazine and pull out that boastful stylist of hers by the neck, because MC should not be wearing the jeans she does, they are obviously uncomfortable and always too damn new!! (case in point to the right) That stylist probably invented the butterfly waist chain too. Kill...

I always thought that if I could re-style Mariah Carey I'd dress her down and let her awesomeness shine through.
And I do think MC is awesome, so I wont patronise her with one of those cut-out outfit collages, even though they work well for others. I will merely point her in the direction of something new.

Her video clips, her photoshopped images, her clomp clomp platform heels, could all do with a dose of designer. No, I don't mean label, I mean designer. Enter the amazing Josh Goot.

A piece of fashion history (left): I had to call across to Perth to snap up both this dress and this trench from his Designers for Target range last year.

For people that don't recognise the name, he is an Australian designer and an absolute favourite of mine. His truly beautiful clothes are of a relaxed and tailored style that would subtly update Mariah's wardrobe but rocket launch her up the sophistication ladder. 'Has she had work done?' people would ask. 'Has she finally grown up?' they'd wonder.

Any piece by Josh Goot would be a start, but I would love to see Mariah in one of these two outfits from S/S 2006. The silver mini-skirt still holds enough bling but it's made of a more flattering material that she has ever seen in her life. The electric blue shade is more modern and feminine - and more complementary to her hair and skin tones - than any of the pink and purple she continually insists on wearing. Yes, I just said 'more modern' than her current clothing, and we are looking at something over two years old. I guess that's what I want Mariah Carey to realise, that there are forward-thinking designers out there, who enjoy making women look stunning. Hell, they can even make a constantly overdone girl look like she naturally has great taste.
So, MC, I suggest you try a few and start by getting yourself some Josh Goot, because you're worth it.xx Feather

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