03 August 2008

The Gladiator Sandal. Yay or Nay?

I'm not sure how you feel about this trend, but I just want it to go away. I don't care why, where or who's wearing them.
(unless you're a real gladiator, then I'll let it slide).

It actually pains me to use these pictures as examples. But it proves my point, no matter who the wearer is, they are look hideous. I think they are totally unflattering, also they remind me of spider webs so I get anxious whenever I see a pair. I don't mind the low regular sandal type variety. It's really just the knee high type I have problems with.
I honestly think this will be trend we will all laugh at in years to come when looking through photo albums. You know "ha ha, what was I thinking?". Well I am thinking, and I'm telling you all now, they are horrendous.
I'm sorry, I love to hate fashion as much as love it, it is art after all. But I'd sooner not think about these at all. Gladiator Sandals have no place in my fashion world.

x Zeph

Hi Zephr,
I'm very happy to weigh in on this one - it's an oldie but a goodie and also, we disagree!!
That's right, you say nay and I... say yay.
Maybe it's just because I love body-con so much that I can see how people can like these weird bondage-meets-jesusandallthingsnatural foot coatings. Or maybe it's because this version we're discussing, the knee-high, is not threatening me with signs of lasting. It did well to last this long.
But let me further explain:
It's so difficult to pull off, the entire statement is completely restricted to below the knee, and it is the most unrelaxed looking 'relaxed, boho, I just wear an oversized tshirt and these' shoe out there. I therefore respect those who get this right. Kimberly Stewart, with your fringey Etro crap um, you f$*&d up, but you others, that followed certain, very specific rules (no fringe goes without saying dammit Kimberly), you few people, you are ok.

My rules are as follows:1. If you are going to wear the flat ones - wear the Chanel ones and daytime only. Please, for the love of God, Chanel only, we cannot turn off our eyes and they burn from sightings of wannabes.
(well done Mary-Kate)

2. If you are going to wear them out on the town - wear the high heeled Balenciaga ones. In fact these are the king of this trend - with a totally hot zip they are easier to get into than most ordinary shoes, and any lax vibe adds to this statement. (good work Kylie)

3. If you insist that this is the only way you can get through the day/express yourself/feel cool, and you cannot afford either of the above two and you already tried to steal Kate Moss's ones directly from her closet AND you really are only going to wear an oversized t-shirt - wear the Asos ones, daytime only.

Sheesh, those are some taxing rules. But anyone with chutzpa enough to still want these, do not, I repeat: do not, think you can branch out from these rules and get say these from Alexander McQueen:
Your friends and your boyfriend will cringe at the sight of you, then they will sit in your closet, and you wont even be able to Visa swap them, Lohan-style.

I guess what I'm saying is, I quite like them but I sure as hell wont be wearing em - they're too much work.
xx Feather

P.S lots of shoe-sightings at Shoebunny.com

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Anonymous said...

That's a nay from me! Ack, those are ugly, but you're right the Chanel ones aren't so bad.