14 August 2008

Home, sweet celebrity home

Yo Feather. You know I have such a weakness for Celebrity real estate. I adore the houses in general in LA. I love the mansions, the bungalows and the sprawling estates. Be it the Hollywood Hills, Bel Air or Beverly Hills, I can't get enough. Especially the homes with much documented history. Who lived there etc.

Sites like this one give me my daily fix, but when I come across a celeb real estate listing with heaps of photos and tons of info it really makes my day.

Molly Sims has listed her Hollywood Hills home and you can check out the virtual tour right here. I quite like it. Actually I really like it. It has a nice feel about it. The shower area is cool and I like the outdoor eating area. Awesome sky line views of LA too from the balcony. It was built in the late 1930's and while having all the modern features, the original design of the house still remains prominent.

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