19 August 2008

Shannen Doherty comes back from the past, brings cut-off denim with her

Hey Zeph,
We both have a soft spot for Shannen Doherty a.k.a Brenda, and we are excited, to say the least, about Beverly Hills 90210 (2.0).

So I thought I'd get your opinion on the outfit she rocked at Green Door last night.
I think she looks awesome, she brings those denim shorts up to date in a way that Mariah Carey could never do. What you think?
xx F

Feather... you have made my day by posting this picture. Shannon Doherty was always the rebel, the bad girl, the girl you love to hate. She never wore anything outrageous or quirky, but she always looked tough yet stylin'. And the biker boots she use to wear constantly? Shit hot.
So in this latest photo, I think she looks great. Again, nothing over the top - she never was a fashion victim or a sucker for trends. It's just straight up Shannon '08. Love it.


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