21 August 2008

Rumer does it

Feather, Rumer Willis attended the House Bunny Premier recently. I think this is by far the best she has ever looked. Her body looks amazing and her face, while still not a classic beauty is really dare I say it - hot!
I think she is growing into her looks and maturity will suit her.
What do you think?

This is by far the best she has looked. But i'm so sick of the strapless dresses. They aren't the empitemy of femininity she seems to think they are - and she wears them way too much, it's embarrassing.
I love how someone must have at some stage said to Rumer very gently 'Um, you have a long-ish face so you need to cut your hair short' hahaha awkward! But yer, I think she definitely has a beauty about her in this photo.

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