25 August 2008

If You Wanna Be Somebody, If You Wanna Go Somewhere, You Better Wake Up And Pay Attention

Hey Zeph
I thought I'd post this photo because it's hard times for me at the moment, so maybe it's hard times for others too. And sometimes inspiration doesn't come from the uber-cool.
I don't know if you remember but a while ago at a point where I was feeling really down I sent you a text saying "Can you tell me something funny?" and you texted me back straight away, " Whoopi Goldberg". haha! It cheered me up and kept me from disappearing too far into my head. So, here's a photo of Whoopi and some links to Sister Act 2 on YouTube... It was such a corny movie and so religious, but it was also really positive and Whoopi is hilarious! Definitely an inspiration to try to have fun and be somebody at the same time.

'If you wanna be somebody...'
'I just been thinking about things...'
'I got the flo.... ho ho'
'Oh happy day'

xx Feather

Hi Feather...
I was feeling a little down today too, I guess we all get like that. Whoopi must have some kind magic healing powers, because the moment I saw that photo I instantly brightened up. And the words to that song - while so corny, still so inspiring.
You're right, inspiration doesn't come from the uber-cool. I think all they inspire in people is the desire to shop and to be someone they aren't.
The best you can be is totally yourself and nothing more.

Thanks for the pick me up Feather, I hope you have a happy day. xx Z

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