08 August 2008

Celeb I'd like to dress: Britney Spears

Nice work on Mariah Carey Feather. She would look amazing in the casual glamour that is Josh Goot.
Ok, so I am not really a fan of Britney. But it is so frustrating opening a mag and seeing the mess that she is. The problem is she has no idea, she has this very small town view on fashion. And the hair in a bun on top of her head that she wears constantly? I'm sure I've seen that hair style on a couple of Episodes of COPS. Even when in her mind she is making an effort, it is still all wrong. This photo of her at her sister's baby shower proves my point.
Britney? 1991 called, it wants it's dress back.

So here's what I think she needs to do. She needs to wear nice clean lines, but avoid too much structure.
Also I think she needs to avoid patterns and tacky two piece ensembles. She will never be a skinny jean wearing It girl like the Olsens or Nicole Ritchie, that wouldn't look natural on her. She needs girly with an edge.
For casual street wear she could go for something like this from Just Cavalli:

For events and parties etc she needs to lose the floral dresses and anything that makes her look hippy or large in the thigh area.

I would love to see her in something like this BCBG Max Azria dress, but I'm just not sure she could pull it off.

What I'm picturing that might work is very Charlotte from Sex and the City. Glamour/1950's. I think Britney likes to look "pretty", she just goes about it the wrong way. So maybe pieces like these would work.

Finally, the hair. I really liked this blunt bob on her, but I'd probably prefer it a touch longer. Just skimming the shoulders.

I think Britney is slowly crawling her way back out of crazyville these days, I just hope she suprises everyone and does it in style.

x Z

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